Amnesia Rebirth The Orb Puzzle Solution – How To Open The Rift

Amnesia Rebirth The Orb Puzzle

There are a lot of puzzles for the players to solve in Amnesia Rebirth and the Orb Puzzle is one of them. Players need to solve this puzzle in order to open the rift. Our Amnesia Rebirth Guide will help players with how to solve the Orb Puzzle so that players can open the rift.

How To Solve The Orb Puzzle

Players need to get to the rift and for that, they need to solve the Orb puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth. Place the triangular device on the ground. Place the orb in the middle of the three pillars with the triangles on top.

Pull down the switch beneath this piece to open up the cage. After that, go to the panel behind you and use the red knobs on the bottom and right side to align the symbol with the symbols on the pillars. Press the button on top to see the orb do its work.

Now players need to focus on the machine next to this one with a circular top. However, the machine requires Leyden Jars. Remove the orb to leave the room and head down the big staircase. Players will find a woman with a tube in her mouth hooked to a machine.

Turn off the machine by pulling the lever to the right. Take the Leyden Jar and turn around to find another one behind you. Go back and put the Leyden Jars in the circular machine. Put the orb back and place the triangular device in the circular machine. After that, press the button and this will open a door. Now, take the orb and go to the open door. Use the amulet to open the rift.

That is all for our Amnesia Rebirth The Orb Puzzle Solution Guide with tips on how to open the rift. For more on the game, also see our Chamber of Pillars Puzzle Solution Guide.

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