Amnesia Rebirth The Maze Puzzle Solution: How to Solve The Maze Puzzle

Amnesia Rebirth The Maze Puzzle Solution

The Maze is a puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth that is part of The Hunting Grounds section. After you complete the Chamber of Pillars puzzle, you will enter the next area and face The Maze puzzle. In this quick guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to solve The Maze Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

Amnesia Rebirth The Maze Puzzle Solution – How to Exist the Maze

The main objective of The Maze puzzle is to simply exit The Maze. Once you enter the maze, go right and you’ll find a box to the right. Push it off the trigger plate to move through the area in front. Now take a right and then left at the wall, and the first left you see. Move ahead until you reach the trigger plate that operates the gate ahead.

Take a left from the closed gate ahead and the first right, and then the first left. Ahead, you will notice a green flame, keep moving toward the flame. Now you will be trapped again, turn around but there is a monster in front. Let him catch you the first time to trigger a cutscene. The monster is Leon from the group. He will leave so continue ahead to reach a large area with stones on both sides.

Go left and jump over the trigger plate on the floor. From there go up three spaces and head right. Keep going forward three spaces and go right and then take a left. You will find two trigger plates on the floor, push the box in the front to the plate behind it and go through the open space to the light in front. Head to the wall and take a right, keep following the path until you reach a wire wall. Now take a right and then a left, and you will come across another light in front of you, head towards it and go left.

Take the next left again and go up two spots. Go straight across until you reach a trap door. Go right from the trap door, towards the flame, and jump over the boxes to your left. Keep moving forward until you reach a dead body in the trap. Go left from the dead body and then take another left. Go straight-four spaces and head right.

A trigger plate in front of you opens the gate for the monster. Backtrack down the hall and take a left at the end. Take another left two spaces up by a green lantern on the floor and then take another right. Go left and jump over the boxes and move towards the door. Head right and open the door in front but close it afterward. Go to the wheel ahead and use it to open the door. You will see another wheel in the room to your right, turn it, and head through the door in front, down the stairs. And that’s everything you need to know about solving The Maze puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

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