Amnesia Rebirth The Desert Path Complete Walkthrough With Collectibles

Amnesia Rebirth The Desert Path

Amnesia Rebirth The Desert Path starts right after The Dark World and The Deeper Caves locations end. The Desert Path is the 5th location in Amnesia Rebirth. Once you manage to exit the rift from The Deeper Caves you will come across. Once you reach the outside of the caves (finally!), move ahead until you reach the stairs to the right. Head upstairs and follow the path.

Amnesia Rebirth The Desert Path Walkthrough

Drop down from the ledge and go around the rock and to the right to the wooden door. To the left door there is a collectible for you, find the campsite that comes more matches you inside a small basket near the burnt book page.

The door is locked so go right to the shed and look for a small opening. Pull the planks away and can go through it and turn the wheel to unlock the door. Inside the shed there a second collectible, some more matches for you to pick up near the cupboard.

Go up the hill to the fortress and follow the glowing light to reach the stairs. Go up the stairs and reach the entrance. There are some more collectibles here for you to find. Go left to find Hank’s notes on Jonathan located in a box near the door. There is a small crate to the right of the door with some matches for you to pick up.

Go to the fortress main gate and head inside to complete The Desert Path location in Amnesia Rebirth.

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