Amnesia Rebirth The Deeper Caves Walkthrough Guide

Amnesia Rebirth The Deeper Caves

Once you are done with the third location in Amnesia Rebirth, you will then enter The Deeper Caves. Yes, the caves aren’t over yet. Tasi is back in the caves and so are you, once she gets herself together, go straight ahead and locate a box to your left sitting on a rock. Inside the box, you will find some matches to combat the darkness in The Deeper Caves.

Amnesia Rebirth The Deeper Caves Walkthrough

After you get the matches, go forward and dropdown. On your left, there are some more matches. You will also find a torch in this area and two more spots on your right. Look for some more matches near the basket. Now use your amulet to access the rift in front of you. Once you reach the other side, the right tunnel is a dead end, however, the area in front can be accessed. The tunnel to the right comes back around to the left and you will reach a stone plank. Cross the stone plank and keep moving ahead. Locate the crack with the light coming out of it and go down from the ladder.

Keep going forward and take the ladder down to your left to reach the next hole. Keep following the light and crawl into the hole in the front. There is a stuffed monkey on the ground. Keep going through the tunnels and follow the light. Take a right and keep going until you reach the crack in the wall on the left. Pick up the oil lantern and escape the cave.

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