After you complete The Cave and manage to exit the area. The next phase of begins; know as The Dark World, this is the main quest in Amnesia Rebirth. The Dark World is a brand new world you access after you exit The Cave using the amulet. In this walkthrough guide, we will explain everything you need to know about completing The Dark World and making it out alive.

Amnesia Rebirth The Dark World Walkthrough

The Dark World is the third location in Amnesia Rebirth. From the starting area, take a right and go down a very narrow path. You will come across some rocks blocking the way but they can be moved to clear a path. Move toward the statue holding an orb and Tasi’s amulet will start to glow once again. Drop down and move toward a lit-up area to the left.

As you enter the next area pick up the note to your left. Go forward and you’ll find a burnt map in the campfire. Move forward a bit and you will find another note from the explorer. Now go out to the mini cave and turn left, follow the lights. Go through the broken building until you reach the stairs. Go down to the very bottom and spot two lights ahead. Move towards the lights and behind them, you will see a small building. Go down the ledge and from the last light turn left and straight until you pass a rock formation to your right. Go forward a bit then turn right to go up the hill, the amulet will point the way. In the distance, you will see a glowing fog which is a rift. Use the amulet to go through the rift but The Dark World won’t end there.

When you reach the other side, move toward the lights and take a left to go up the ramp. Turn left and go back down and locate the frozen bodies. Before the bodies find a ramp to the right and more lights. Follow the ramp and find lights on your left. Go toward the light and pass by a sitting body on your right. Move between the rocks in front and locate even more lights. Move toward the lights and take the stairs to your right. Reach the upper section and take a left at the top in front of and you’ll see more lights to your right. Go toward the lights and take the stairs up to the right. You will find another body frozen in time and some green fog ahead. Go to the lights on your right and take a left to go downward, moving to the lights on the left.

Go past the lights and move to the glowing fog which is your way out of The Dark World in Amnesia Rebirth. When the glowing light comes use a body to hide until it leaves. Now use the rift to exit the area and complete The Dark World location in Amnesia Rebirth.

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