Amnesia Rebirth Tank Puzzle Solution – How To Escape The Fortress

Amnesia Rebirth Tank Puzzle

There is a lot of puzzle-solving in Amnesia Rebirth. Solving these puzzles is important as without solving them players can’t progress. Our Amnesia Rebirth guide will help players with solving the Tank Puzzle which requires players to track down ingredients, make gun powder to make a tank bullet in order to escape The Fortress.

How To Solve The Tank Puzzle

Once the players are inside, they need to head down the stairs and continue straight ahead until they get to The Arsenal. There is a machine in front of the players with a ready shell but the players need to find the ingredients to make gun powder.

The ingredients required are sulfur powder, saltpeter, and milled charcoal. There will be a note on the table to the left that will tell players that the saltpeter has been moved to the Quartermaster’s Stores.

The door in the room is blocked and players will have to head down the hallway to the left. Also, be careful as there will a trap on the floor. The first door to your right is the one that is blocked from the other side.

There is charcoal in there on the right. Put the charcoal in the machine to the left and make fine powder.

After that, go back into the hallway and go right. This hallway will lead players to a dark room and there is a trap door blocking the way. Players need to find a way to open the door.

Go to the Windows to the left and then turn around. The key to the door is on the dead man in front of the players. Take the key and go back to open the door.

As soon as you open the door, head for a cover as the grenade will explode. After that, head inside the room and check the cupboard to the right for sulfur ointment, Laudanum. There will also be a note warning player about the medicine.

Go back to the hallway from where you came. Now, go to the room where you found the charcoal and place sulfur on top of the hot plate by the door leading into the main area. Use a match to light it and then boil it.

After that, players only need the saltpeter which is in the Quartermaster’s Stores. Go outside and through the alley again and then, back in through that door you ran out of.

Go left to head back up the stairs and then into the hallway where the monster was. Go back and pick up the saltpeter from the shelf. Go back to the arsenal and combine the ingredients, add them to the machine. Then pull the lever and the shell will be ready. Take the shell to the tank and fire at the gate.

That is all for our Amnesia Rebirth Guide on how to solve the Tank Puzzle to escape the Fortress. For more on the game, also see our Three Wheel Puzzle Solution.

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