Amnesia Rebirth Radio Puzzle Solution – How To Get To The Radio

Our Amnesia Rebirth Radio Puzzle

Amnesia Rebirth has puzzles for the players to solve and the best ones the game has to offer are inside The Fortress. Our Amnesia Rebirth Guide will help players with how to solve the Radio Puzzle in The Fortress so that players can contact Doctor Metzier.

How To Get To The Radio

The hint of the radio puzzle is to try finding a way to break the unstable floor in The Fortress. For that players need to push the cannon into the main room but to move the cannon, players need to find wheels.

One wheel is right next to the cannon itself and the other wheel is in the room behind it. Once the wheels have been attached to the cannons, push it into the room. The floor will break and players will just have to drop down and use the radio.

That is all for our Amnesia Rebirth Guide on how to solve the Radio Puzzle in The Fortress. For more on the game, also see our guide on How To Escape The Fortress.

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