Amnesia Rebirth Endings Guide: Choices, Secret Ending, Best Ending

Amnesia Rebirth endings

Once you reach Tower level in Amnesia Rebirth you can make some decisions that impact the endings you get. What happens in the endings is determined by the choice you make at The Tower. In this quick endings guide, we will explain all the possible endings you can get in Amnesia Rebirth. Based on the information below you can determine what is the best ending for you.

Amnesia Rebirth Endings Explained and How to Get Them All

Once you are done with Vitae Lab, Theater, and Factory zones you’ll find yourself in the Town. You will enter the Tower where you can turn on the power to the elevator. We have explained how to turn on the elevator power in our The Tower walkthrough guide. Once you reach the Throne Room in Amnesia Rebirth, you will come across the Empress. Follow the Empress and reach the child’s crib. Save your game once the cutscene ends because the decision you are about to make will give you different endings in Amnesia Rebirth. There are three types of endings you can get in the game.

  • Good Ending
  • Back Ending
  • Secret Ending

How to Get the Good Ending

Pick up Tasi’s baby and take the canister on the wall. Go out and face the Empress as she attacks. Escape her clutches, you can use the tendrils to hide yourself and avoid her gaze so you don’t get blasted away. Use the big main door to exit the Throne Room and use the teleporter to insert the canister. Press the button and you will meet Paris.

How to Get the Bad Ending

To get the bad ending you can use one of those ways; the first is to place the baby back in the crib and the second is failing to escape the Empress. The Empress will convert Tasi into a monster but the baby will remain safe; well, if that’s what you call being safe.

How to Get the Secret Ending

To get the secret ending you need to keep Tasi’s baby and take the canister. Get back to the Throne Room and escape the Empress. However, this time you exit via one of the smaller doors on the side instead of using the main big door. Reach the control panel and use the injector fluid. Trigger the Valve; do the same with two other panels around the Throne Room. Complete cutscene to end the game with your secret ending in Amnesia Rebirth.

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