Amnesia has returned with Amnesia Rebirth. The game not only focuses on narrative and horror but, it also has a lot of puzzles to solve to keep players engaged. Solving these puzzles is important for players in order to progress. Our Amnesia Rebirth Guide will help players with how to solve the elevator puzzle in The Fortress.

How To Fix The Elevator

In The Fortress, players will come across an elevator that they have to fix. Players need to find the missing part of the elevator to make it work.

The missing part that players need is Winch. Go back down to the hallway from where you came and take the closest hallway to your left from the door you came in.

The Winch is in the second room to the right. Take the winch and go back to the elevator. However, players will still need a plank to stand on. There is one leaning up against the wall. Grab it and place it in the elevator. Now the elevator is fixed and players can use it.

That is all for our Amnesia Rebirth Guide on how to fix the elevator in The Fortress. For more on the game also see How To Get To The Radio.

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