After you manage to create Vitae to help Amir, you move on to the next section of Amnesia Rebirth where you will come across the Elevator puzzle. In this quick guide, you will find out how to solve the elevator puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth.

How to Solve the Elevator Puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth

The main objective here is to start the elevator. To start elevator you need to plug the cord in the outlet. To do that, crawl through the hatch above you. Open the hatch to find a vent to your left and crawl through it to exit the elevator.

Go right and keep crawling, drop and use the door to your right is locked, so use the door to your left. Go through the next hall and go through the door ahead. Head left and use the stairs to go up. You will reach a room and a doorway you can go through. Use the stairs ahead of you and when you reach the top you can see the elevator to your right.

However, the elevator is broken so you need to backtrack to a room you passed before the stairs and go down. It is at the bottom of the stairs to your left. At the bottom of the stairs go right and head into another room straight ahead with more matches.

Now backtrack to the hallway on your left and follow it to the next room. Go through the room and locate a door to your right. Open the door and head down use the ladder to go down. There are some cords in this area, unplug the one to your left. And at the bottom right you’ll see bars you can pull out. Take out the bars and slip the cord through to plug it into the other outlet.

You will hear a sound trigger and a monster is released. Hide before backtracking to the elevator but wait for the elevator to stop at the top. Starting the elevator solves the puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth. And that all you need to know on how to solve the elevator puzzle but if you need more help with the game, check out the Amnesia Rebirth Wiki.

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