How To Solve The Cage Puzzle In Amnesia Rebirth

Amnesia Rebirth Cage Puzzle Solution

Amnesia Rebirth is not just about delivering a horror-experience but, it’s also about solving puzzles. Solving puzzles is important as without it, players can’t progress. Our Amnesia Rebirth guide will help players with how to solve the cage puzzle.

How To Solve The Cage Puzzle

To solve this Amnesia Rebirth puzzle, players need all of the triangle devices. Move the device in the hallway so it may light up and go to the next room.

There will be a device to the left in the hallway. Grab it and bring it with you along with the first one. Open the door in the hallway stemming from the main room you landed in.

Place one device on the floor near the hallway’s entrance and place the other device right where the hall turns and faces the locked door. Do this and both devices will be connected to one another.

The room will open and players need to grab the third device and go back out. Place one device at the start of the hallway leading into the theater. Place the second device at the opposite end.

Move the third triangle down the ramp until you see the green light on the right side of the theatre.

Flip the switch on the right side of the room. A body in a cage will come out and once it lands in the middle, pull the switch in front of you.

The body will move back into the room which is the way for the players to get out. Flip the switch on the right again but, this time an empty cage will come out.

Climb up the ladder and get in the cage. After the cutscene, the button to the right will turn red. Push it and a glowing figure will appear again. Once the figure is gone, use the switch in front of the cage.

That is all for our Amnesia Rebirth Guide on how to solve the Cage Puzzle.

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