AMD is known to appeal to the budget gamers and a new AMD Celadon claims to blow Intel integrated graphics out of the water entirely. AMD integrated graphics are already ahead of Intel when it comes to graphics performance and even though Intel is working on a more powerful graphics solution for chips that will release in the future it seems that AMD is going to counter that with Celadon APUs.


AMD Celadon APU Specifications

The new leak claims that the APUs will be powered by an integrated graphics solution that uses DDR4 memory, 128bit interface and 8 compute units. Interestingly, the leak claims that the graphics part will run at 1.75 GHz which is very impressive indeed keeping in mind that Raven Ridge APUs could only hit 1.3 GHz. This should be a very impressive performance boost and something that budget gamers will appreciate.

AMD Roadmap

The 512 SPs will destroy the current integrated graphics solutions that Intel has to offer right now. While there is not much that we know about these APUs, AMD Celadon has been mentioned a few times in the past. We can assume that these upcoming APUs will be based on the 7nm+ process keeping in mind that AMD has already released 7nm CPUs and graphics card.

With the hardware specifications in mind, the AMD Celadon APUs could even take on the Nvidia MX250 graphics. You can check out the leak below:

AMD Celadon APUs

Note that this is a leak so you should take this information with a grain of salt. We have yet to get confirmation from AMD. The final specifications would turn out to be different. One thing is for sure, AMD is planning something big when it comes to APUs and this should take on the 10th generation integrated graphics solution that Intel is working on and has mentioned in the past.

While we have not information on pricing or availability, it is safe to say that these chips are not going to release this year. We should be able to learn more at CES 2020 in January. So stay tuned for more information.