Your weapons in Starfield are more than just tools—they’re lifelines. And what’s a weapon without its trusty ammo? Whether you’re in a heated dogfight among the stars or facing off against unpredictable alien species on uncharted planets, running out of ammunition can spell disaster. But fret not, fellow explorer! With Starfield’s Ammo Item IDs / cheat codes at your fingertips, you’ll never have to experience the dread of an empty magazine again. These Starfield ammo cheat codes are your express pass to a fully stocked arsenal, allowing you to spawn various types of ammunition for an array of powerful weapons. So, the next time you’re gearing up for an adventure, remember: with the right codes, you’ll always be locked, loaded, and ready for whatever the universe throws your way.


Starfield Ammo Item IDs List

Ammo NameID / Cheat Code
.27 Caliber002B559C
.43 MI Array002B559A
.43 Ultramag02B5599
.45 Caliber ACP002B5598
.50 Caliber Caseless002B5597
.50 MI Array002B5596
1.5KV LZR Cartridges002BAE3F
11MM Caseless002B5595
12.5MM ST Rivet002B5594
12.5MM ST Rivet000547A1
15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell002B4AFB
3KV LZR Cartridge0000E8EC
40MM XPL002B5592
6.5MM CT002B558F
6.5MM MI Array002B558F
7.5MM Whitehot002B558E
7.77MM Caseless0004AD3E
Caseless Shotgun Shell002B4AFB
Heavy Particle Fuse002B558A
Light Particle Fuse002783C7

Now that we done with ammo cheats, let me tell you that we also have cheat codes for all weapons and spacesuits.


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