Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that challenges you to build shelter, gather resources, and fend off dangerous creatures. One important resource in the game is logs, which you can use to construct buildings, weapons, and other essential items. However, gathering logs can be time-consuming, and you may find yourself running low on resources.

In this guide, we will list all log duplication glitches in Sons of the Forest that you can use to duplicate logs and save time. Whether you are playing in single-player or multiplayer mode, these log duplication methods can help you stock up on logs and improve your chances of survival.

How to Dupe Logs – All Known Methods

  • Small Log Cabin Glitch
  • Stick Knockover Glitch
  • Log Storage Glitch
  • Post Attachment Glitch

Small Log Cabin Method

Small Log Cabin Method Video Tutorial

This log dupe method involves exploiting a glitch in the game’s mechanics related to the small log cabin. You need to open the building book, select the small log cabin from the shelter tab, and place it on the ground. Then, approach the outline until you get the icon to place down logs. Slowly inch back until the icon disappears, and then hold down the “C” key. You may see an “X” at first, but you need to keep looking around until you get the “C” icon. By holding down “C,” the game will infinitely spawn logs for you in Sons of the Forest.

Stick Knockover Method

log duplication stick method

The stick knock-over glitch requires a log and a stick. You first place the log on the ground and then grab a stick from your inventory. Go up to the log until you get the button prompt and then click on it to place the log on the stick. Now run into the log to knock it over, it creates a duplicate log.

Post Attachment Method

Post Attachment Method Video Tutorial

The post attachment glitch involves attaching a log to a post in a certain way so that it looks like a post. First, grab a log and put it on the ground. Then you need to grab another log and attach it to the first one by clicking on it. You can then move toward a corner until you see the prompt. This duplicates the log.

Log Storage Method

The log storage glitch requires a multiplayer server with at least two players. You need to build log storage and fill it up with logs. Once the storage is full, the host needs to save the game. Then you need to grab two logs out of the storage and put them back in. The host then needs to repeatedly grab and put back logs while spamming the “E” and “C” keys. The more times the host does this, the more logs will appear. Once the host is done, they need to save the game again and then reload the world. The logs will keep reloading, and you can grab them.

That’s everything you need to know about all the log dupe methods currently available in Sons of the Forest. If you have more ways to duplicate logs, let us know in the comments below.

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