Because there are so many Skyrim versions, updating you on all the new cheats and console commands have become necessary. This guide has all the PC cheats and console commands from the original Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, and Anniversary Edition. So matter what game copy you have, the console commands mentioned on this page should work without a hitch.

First, you must know how to open the command console to open your cheat codes. Press “~,” the key above your tab button, next to “1.” When the command prompt opens up, you can enter the cheats/commands and get the desired results.

Cheats/Console CommandsWhat They Do
player.addperk XXXXXXXXGet the perk based on the perk code; For example, player.addperk 000c44b8 will add the adept alteration perk.
player.additem 0000000a “100Get 100 Lockpicks.
player.additem 0000000f “999”Get 999 Gold.
player.additem XXXXXXXX “###”Get the item based on the item code (XXXXXXXX) and the amount of want (###).
[target].getavinfo [attribute]Get a list of information about the given attribute of the target. Replace “target” with the relevant query e.g. “player.”
showracemenuGet access to race/character customization menu. But your character level and skills will reset to default levels.
player.IncPCS [Skill Name]Get +1 Skill Point for the targeted skill.
player.setscale #Change the scale of the player by replacing x with another number. #=1 by default.
player.placeatme #Spawn an NPC to your location. X is NPC ID.
player.setlevel #Set level.
player.setav Magicka #Set Magika.
player.setav Stamina #Set Stamina.
player.setav Health #Set Health.
player.setav speedmult #Set movement speed where # is the percentage.
player.setcrimegold #0 means free.
player.modav Dragonsouls #Get Dragon Souls to unlock more shouts.
player.modav burden #Increase Burden by #.
player.modav carryweight #Set carry weight.
player.modav (attribute name) (amount)Adjust attributes by adding the name and + or -. The name of the skills is the same as in-game except Speech and Archery that speechcraft, and marksman, respectively. Meanwhile, attributes are health, carryweight, etc.
setpcinfamySet infamy.
setpcfameSet fame.
advskill [[[skill]]] ###Increase targeted skill by ###.
advancepcskill (skillname) #Increase your skill level.
fov ###Adjust fov.
duplicateallitemsDuplicate items, use the RefID of the item you want to duplicate.
setownershipChange item’s ownership to steal it without trouble.
tgmTurns on/off Godmode.
tclTurn on/off No-Clip mode.
coc “Location”Fast travel to any location. All item room is coc “QASmoke.”
player.advlevelLevel up your character but without perk points.
psbGet all spells.
tmm,1Turn on/off all map markers.
caqsFinish all Quest Stages.
tfcFree camera
saqTrigger all quests simultaneously.
qqqQuit the game.
taiTurn on/off AI. All enemies will freeze in place.
coc qasmokeTesting environment, but the game might crash if you have enchanted items.
tgTurn on/off the grass.
tmTurn on/off HUD and menus.
tfowTurn on/off FOW.
KillKill a targeted enemy.
resurrectRespawn to target enemy.
UnlockUnlock a locked chest or door.
Lock #Lock a targeted chest or door.
killallKill all enemies in the area.
movetoqtTeleport to quest marker.
removeallitemsRemove all items from an NPC.
enableplayercontrolsEnable controls in cut scenes.
tdetectTurn on/off AI detection.

That’s everything you need to know about using cheat codes and what commands are available in the game. Need more help? See Horses Locations, Potion Recipes, and The Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller Quest Walkthrough.

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