Starfield’s Ryujin Industries is one of the factions in the game that offers a ton of side quests for you to complete. In this guide, we will give you a full rundown of each and every side quest offered by the corporate bullies of Ryujin Industries in Starfield.


All Ryujin Industries Faction Quests List

  • Back to the Grind
  • One Step Ahead
  • A New Narrative
  • Access Is Key
  • Sowing Discord
  • Accidents Happen
  • Maintaining the Edge
  • Top Secrets
  • Background Checks
  • Guilty Parties
  • The Key Ingredient
  • Sabotage
  • Executive Level

Back to the Grind

In the “Back to the Grind” side quest of Starfield, players are introduced to the corporate world of Ryujin Industries. The quest begins in New Atlantis and transitions to Neon in the Volii System.

Upon reaching New Atlantis, players are directed to the “Mast District.” Close to the GalBank building, they encounter a red kiosk. Interacting with this kiosk initiates the quest. The kiosk offers various tabs, including an “About Us” section. However, the main objective is to fill out the “Job Application” provided by the kiosk. While the answers to the application might not have a significant impact on the quest’s outcome, it’s essential to complete the form to proceed.

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One Step Ahead

In the “One Step Ahead” side quest of Starfield, players are thrust into a covert operation for Ryujin Industries against their corporate rival, CeltCorp. The mission is set in Neon and emphasizes stealth and strategic thinking. The quest begins in Neon, situated in the Volii Alpha system. Players are directed to meet Imogene, a prominent figure in Ryujin Industries, on the Operations floor of the Ryujin Tower.

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A New Narrative

In the “A New Narrative” side quest in Starfield, players are immersed in the corporate dynamics of Ryujin Industries, where they are tasked with planting incriminating evidence against a competitor, Laredo, to give Ryujin an advantage in contract negotiations. The quest rewards players with 100XP and 2,500 Credits.

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Access Is Key

In the “Access Is Key” side quest in Starfield, players are directed by Imogene of Ryujin Industries to retrieve a Security Keycard from HopeTech. To make the task smoother, players can opt for a disguise, such as the Corpo Boardroom Suit. The mission’s main location is Hopetown on the Polvo planet. Inside the HopeTech building, players interact with the Hopetown Security Chief to obtain the keycard, either through persuasion or force. After acquiring the keycard, players return to Imogene in Neon to complete the quest. Successful completion rewards players with 100XP and 2,500 Credits.

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Sowing Discord

In the “Sowing Discord” faction quest of Starfield, players collaborate with Ryujin Industries to influence key personnel at Quantum Synergies. The mission becomes accessible after completing the “Access is Key” quest.

To start, players visit the Ryujin Tower in Neon at Alpha Volii and meet Imogene on the Operations Floor. She instructs players to influence Quantum Synergies’ executives and swap an original presentation with a manipulated one. Imogene suggests reading dossiers on Arthur Cruz and Zola Adisa, the leaders of Quantum Synergies, to aid in persuasion.


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Accidents Happen

In the “Accidents Happen” side quest of Starfield, players work for the Ryujin Industries faction and are tasked with a sabotage operation against HopeTech, a rival company. Under the guidance of Imogene, the leader of Ryujin Industries, players are instructed to plant an ARC device at HopeTech’s facility in HopeTown on the planet Polvo in the Valo System. This act aims to cast doubt on HopeTech’s safety measures and damage their reputation. The mission requires stealth, as players must navigate through guarded areas to discreetly place the ARC device on a ship within the HopeTech facility. After successfully planting the device, players return to Imogene at the Ryujin Tower on Volii Alpha to report their success and receive their rewards, which include 100XP and 2,500 Credits.

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Maintaining the Edge

In the “Maintaining the Edge” faction quest for Starfield, players work on behalf of Ryujin Industries to stealthily acquire a prototype schematic. This mission is a continuation from the “Accidents Happen” quest.

To initiate the quest, players must speak with Imogene after completing the prerequisite mission. The main objective is to infiltrate the Trident Luxury Shipyard, orbiting around Akila in the Cheyenne System, and steal the prototype schematic without being detected. It’s essential to have several Digipicks on hand, as they are vital for unlocking doors and bypassing security.

Lockpicking in Starfield involves using Digipicks to solve puzzles, where players must fit the correct Digipick keys into puzzle gaps. It’s recommended to quicksave before attempting to pick locks to avoid wasting Digipicks.

Upon docking at the shipyard, players can find the schematic in a locked room on the floor below the lobby. They must use stealth to avoid employees and use Digipicks to access the room. Alternatively, players can opt for a more covert approach by accessing vents that lead directly to the schematic, though this method requires advanced digipicking skills.

After obtaining the schematic, players return to Imogene in the Ryujin Tower’s Operations Center. Successfully completing the mission rewards players with 100XP, 2 Med Packs, and 2,500 Credits. The quest sets the stage for the subsequent mission, “Top Secrets.”

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Top Secrets

In the “Top Secrets” faction quest in Starfield, players delve deeper into the world of corporate espionage with Ryujin Industries. This mission follows the “Maintaining the Edge” quest and involves negotiation, stealth, and combat elements.

To initiate the quest, players meet Ularu Chen at the Executive Office in Ryujin Industries. After a conversation with Ularu, players are directed to travel to Cydonia to negotiate a deal for information with Simon Ryczek, who is found on a rooftop near the Reliant Medical building. During the conversation, players must use the code phrase “Razor derby is the only real sport” to proceed.

Simon presents three options to players:

  1. Pay 10,000 Credits to move directly to the next step.
  2. Negotiate to potentially reduce the price to 8,000 Credits.
  3. Complete a side job involving the elimination of a mercenary named Malai Liskova, which not only progresses the quest but also offers substantial rewards including the possibility of acquiring Malai’s ship, The Datura.

Following the negotiation with Simon, players are tasked with retrieving files related to “Project Dominion” from Stanley McMillan’s computer. Utilizing information from Simon, players can determine the best time to access Stanley’s computer without being detected, facilitating a smooth retrieval of the necessary files.

Successful completion of the quest rewards players with 250XP, 10,000 Credits, and 2 Digipicks.

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Background Checks

In the “Background Checks” faction quest of Starfield, players are tasked by Ryujin Industries to uncover corporate espionage and identify a mole within the organization. The quest begins when Dalton Fiennes, Ryujin’s head of security, informs players of suspicions about Ularu Chen, a skilled operative. Players must covertly extract data from Ularu’s computer in Ryujin Tower to verify her involvement.

To achieve this, players first meet Nyx, a hacker at Madame Sauvage’s place. Nyx has a vital program for the mission, which players can obtain for a price, though negotiation can reduce or even eliminate the cost.

Infiltrating Ryujin Tower demands stealth due to heightened security. Players should equip stealth-enhancing gear, navigate through the tower’s vent system, control lighting to remain undetected, and use non-lethal means if guards are encountered. Once in Ularu’s office, players run Nyx’s program on her computer.

After the infiltration, players meet Nyx again, who deciphers the data, revealing the mole’s identity, leading to a significant plot twist. The mission concludes with Dalton and Masako discussing measures against Infinity Ltd, the rival firm. Players are rewarded with 200XP and 9,000 Credits upon completion.

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Guilty Parties

In the “Guilty Parties” faction quest of Starfield, players continue their association with Ryujin Industries. The mission is initiated after completing the “Background Checks” quest. Players are directed to converse with Imogene at the Ryujin Tower operation center, but upon arrival, they encounter Yuko instead. Yuko provides information about Imogene’s last known whereabouts, pointing to the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout, and suggests consulting Dalton for more details.

Dalton, found within Ryujin Tower, elaborates on the Seokghu Syndicate and introduces players to Benjamin Bayu, a key figure who can help locate Imogene. Players can meet Bayu at the Astral Lounge’s VIP room number 4. Bayu may request a favor in exchange for access to the hideout, but players can also use persuasion to bypass this.

There are two main methods to enter the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout:

  1. Through Frankie’s Grab & Go, where Frankie Moore can provide access if players have agreed to Bayu’s task. Alternatively, players can opt to steal a key card from Frankie.
  2. Via a rooftop entry, which leads directly into the hideout.

Inside the hideout, players search for Imogene. Upon finding her, Imogene asserts her innocence and offers evidence proving she isn’t the mole. Players are then faced with a decision: to spare or eliminate Imogene. It’s recommended to spare her, as her death can adversely affect the storyline.

Upon returning to Ryujin Tower, players can confront Ularu, who is revealed as the actual mole. The ensuing conversation with Ularu offers multiple outcomes. The quest concludes with rewards of 250XP and 4,800 Credits.

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The Key Ingredient

In the “The Key Ingredient” side quest, one of the final missions for the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield, players are tasked with retrieving the Ryujin Rothicite Shipment after the events of the “Guilty Parties” quest. The mission begins at Ryujin Towers, where players meet Veena Kalra, Camden Cho, and Masako Imada. They learn that Infinity LTD has stolen Rothicite, a vital component of the neuroamp that protects against Project Dominion’s effects.

Players first head to CM Station RC-1 on Carinae III-A, a moon in the Eta Cassiopeia Star System. After battling Ecliptic soldiers at Consolidated Mining, they find a note pointing to Lucas Drexier of Infinity LTD as a potential mole. The next destination is the Narion Star Clinic in the Deepala orbit. Inside the clinic, players can converse with Dr. Lane, learning about fatal experiments conducted by Infinity LTD. The main goal is to secure the Rothicite shipment, which is located near Dr. Lane. Depending on interactions with Dr. Lane, players might face a confrontation with guards or avoid conflict entirely.

Successfully completing the quest rewards players with 250XP and 4,800 Credits.

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In the “Sabotage” side quest of Starfield, players are plunged into the climax of the Ryujin Industries storyline, where they undertake a mission of corporate espionage against Infinity LTD. The quest begins with a meeting with Masako, the enigmatic leader of Ryujin Industries, who introduces players to Dalton Fiennes. Depending on prior alliances, players may either conspire against or collaborate with Ularu.

The mission’s centerpiece is the Neuroamp, a device that allows players to control NPCs. With this tool, players can manipulate individuals to perform tasks on their behalf, such as opening doors. However, if unsuccessful, the NPC becomes resistant to further manipulation.

Players have multiple methods to infiltrate Infinity LTD:

  1. Stealthy Rooftop Entry: Players can access the roof, manipulate a guard to turn off a fan, and then enter the building. Inside, they sabotage the heating system, which disperses most staff, leaving only guards. Using ventilation shafts, players can navigate to Drexler’s Office to hack his computer.
  2. Diplomatic Approach: After conversing with a receptionist named Dezi, players proceed to the Marketing floor and engage with Aelys Ortiz. Once Aelys is distracted, players can access Drexler’s office.
  3. All-Out Assault: Players can choose to confront guards head-on, either lethally or non-lethally. This approach can yield more XP and credits.

In the quest’s final phase, players must persuade Ryujin Industries’ board members. Using the Neuroamp, they can manipulate board members during conversations. The board ultimately decides on a takeover of Infinity LTD, reshaping the corporate landscape. The quest’s outcome hinges on the power struggle between Ularu and Masako, with the board’s decision influenced by the player’s alliances and choices.

Successfully completing the mission rewards players with 350XP, 8,000 Credits, 3 Med Packs, a CQB-X, an Operative Helmet, and Operative Armor.

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Executive Level

In the “Executive Level” side quest of Starfield, players embark on the final faction mission for Ryujin Industries, culminating the narrative that began with the “Back to the Grind” quest. This mission is primarily conversation-driven, involving interactions with Ryujin Industries’ executives.

The quest unfolds in Neon, a city powered by lightning. After extensive efforts to bolster Ryujin Industries and counteract its rivals, players are on the cusp of the “Executive Level” quest. With the pivotal Neuroamp acquired and having successfully countered Infinity LTD, players are positioned to make impactful decisions for Ryujin Industries’ future.

The quest’s central focus is lobbying the board members. Each board member, identifiable by a blue quest marker, plays a crucial role in determining Ryujin’s direction. Players must engage with these members, comprehend their viewpoints, and consider the ramifications of their votes. Armed with the Neuroamp, players have the capability to subtly sway board members, influencing pivotal decisions regarding Infinity LTD’s fate and the Neuroamp’s future.

The mission culminates in a dramatic boardroom setting, where players’ choices lead to various outcomes. Successfully completing the quest rewards players with 350XP, 13,500 Credits, and a CQB-X.

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