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How To Craft Grappling Gun In Palworld (All Types And Recipes)


A vital tool to ease your exploration is the Grappling Gun, a handy device for traversing distances and climbing slopes faster in Palworld. There are multiple types of grappling guns including basic, mega, giga, and hyper. However, the common aspect among all of them is the requirement of a Weapon Workbench.

How To Unlock Grappling Gun In Palworld

To unlock the Grappling Gun, players must reach a specific level in the game. In the Game Preview version, you need to be at Level 10, while the latest version requires Level 12. Upon reaching the required level, you must spend an Ancient Technology Point to unlock the Grappling Gun recipe. These points are primarily earned by defeating bosses, especially for the first time.

Note: You can complete Dungeons to level up fast in Palworld.

How To Craft Grappling Gun In Palworld

Different versions of the game have slightly varying requirements for crafting materials. Common across both versions are:

  • Paldium Fragments (10x): Harvested from blue-glowing boulders using a Pickaxe.
  • Ingots (10x or 30x): Created by converting Ore in a Primitive Furnace. Requires a Fire Pal for furnace operation.
  • Fiber (30x): Can be obtained by chopping trees or converting Wood at a Crusher, which requires a Water Pal.

In the latest version, you additionally need:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts (1x): These are rare drops from bosses and are crucial for crafting the Grappling Gun.

To craft the Grappling Gun, a Weapon Workbench is essential. This can be unlocked at Level 20 and crafted using 15x Ingots, 50x Wood, and 10x Nails.

weapon workbench crafting recipe in Palworld.
Weapon workbench crafting recipe.

The Grappling Gun significantly enhances mobility, especially in areas with varying elevation. It fires a hook that latches onto distant targets or surfaces, pulling you towards them.

How To Use Grappling Gun In Palworld

  • On PC: Right-click to aim and left-click to fire the hook.
  • Propelling Technique: If aiming to climb, shoot the hook and immediately push upward. Be prepared for a slight fall upon reaching the target.
  • Cooldown: There’s a 12-second cooldown after each successful use, indicated on the bottom right of the screen.

The Grappling Gun makes stamina management more efficient, allowing you to bypass challenging climbs. However, always be prepared for the possibility of falling. Equip a Glider or have a rideable Pal for safety, especially when ascending tall structures.

While the standard Grappling Gun is a great asset, consider saving resources for its improved variant, the Mega Grappling Gun, which offers enhanced capabilities.

Crafting Recipes For Basic, Mega, Giga, And Hyper Grappling Guns

Grappling Gun TypeRequired LevelPaldium FragmentsIngotsFiberAncient Civilization PartsRefined IngotCarbon FiberPolymer
Grappling Gun121010301
Mega Grappling Gun172020504
Giga Grappling Gun323030808
Hyper Grappling Gun4715302020
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