A Palworld: All Pal Traits And How They Work
Monday, March 4, 2024

Palworld: All Pal Traits And How They Work

Traits give each Pal a uniqueness, let's learn everything about how traits work.


Each Pal comes equipped with a unique set of skills, work suitability traits, and individual perks, which dictate their effectiveness in various tasks. Whether they’re stationed at your base for resource gathering or accompanying you in battles, knowing your Pals’ strengths and weaknesses is crucial.

In Palworld, each Pal possesses unique stats and skills, both inherent to their species and individual to each Pal. When you view a Pal in your Paldeck, you’ll notice various characteristics including skills, stats, and other traits.

All Pal Traits And Stats

  • Partner Skill: This is a passive skill specific to the Pal’s species. For instance, a Cattiva’s ‘Cat Helper’ skill increases your carrying capacity.
  • Work Suitability: Highlights the tasks a Pal can perform.
  • Food Consumption: Indicates the amount of food a Pal needs.
  • Active Skills: Combat skills unique to the species. Pals gain more skills as they level up.
  • Passive Skills: These are random traits that affect a Pal’s work or combat efficiency. For example, the ‘Runner’ trait boosts movement speed, whereas the ‘Coward’ trait decreases damage output.

Each species has consistent work suitability stats. When positioned in your base, Pals automatically engage in tasks they’re suited for. A Lamball, with its ‘handicraft’ trait, will work on unfinished items at your workstation.

Work Suitability TraitEffect
KindlingCreate food/items using campfires, ovens, and cooking pots.
PlantingPlant seeds for farming.
HandiworkCraft items and build structures.
LumberingGather wood from trees.
Medicine ProductionCreate medicine at workbenches.
TransportingTransport goods within your base.
WateringWater plants for farming.
Generating ElectricityPower generators.
GatheringCollect crops from farming.
MiningMine stone and ore.
CoolingCool refrigeration devices.
FarmingDrop items when assigned to a ranch.

Handiwork trait is one of the first ones you should have because it will help you unlock crafting, a key skill you need to craft the Incubator and hatch eggs.

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