All Max Out Bonuses and Stats for Wasteland 3 Attributes

Wasteland 3 attributes

The classic attributes system from Wasteland 2 has made a return in Wasteland 3. However, developers have made some major changes to how attributes affect your gameplay. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Wasteland 3 attributes.

Each attribute will increase certain substats at different rates and breakpoints. They offer bonuses for maxing out that go beyond the usual attribute leveling bonuses.

Wasteland 3 Attributes – Max Out Bonuses and Stats

The following information will help you figure out which ones are the best attributes in Wasteland 3.

Attributes  Description  Stats  Max Out Bonuses 
Coordination  Your physical condition, self-control, and HP. 
  • Per point: +3% Crit Resistance, +5% Status Resistance 
  • Every 2 points: +1 Action Points, +1 Action Point Max 
+1 Action Point, +3% Crit Resist, +5% Status Resistance, for a total of +6 AP, +33% Crit Resistance and +55% Status Resistance 
Intelligence  Your character’s ability to make mental connections 
  • Per point: +3% Critical Chance, +.1x Critical Damage
  • Every 2 points: +1 Skill point (one time bonus) 
+3% Critical Chance, +.1x Critical Damage, for a total of +33% Critical Chance and +1.1x Critical Damage 
Charisma  Your force of will. 
  • Per point: +2% Strike Rate, +2m Leadership Range, +5% Beneficial Companion Rogue Action Chance, +1% Mission Reward Bonus
  • Every 2 points: +5% Experience Bonus 
+5% Strike Rate, +2m Leadership, +5% Experience bonus, for a total of +25% Strike Rate, +22m Leadership Range, and +30% Experience Bonus 
Speed  Physical quickness and reaction time. 
  • Per point: +3% evasion, +5% initiative 
  • Every 2 points: +.2M Combat Speed 
+2 Combat Speed, +3% evasion, +5% initiative, for a total of +1.2 Combat speed (2.6 total), +33% Evasion, and +55% Initiative 
Strength  Raw physical power, lets you hit harder, throw further, and lets you carry heavy weapons. 
  • Per point: +4 Con, +1 Con per level, +.1 meter throwing range 
  • Every 2 points: +10% Melee Damage Bonus 
+4 Con, +1 Con per level, +.1m throwing range, for a total of +44 Con, +11 Con per Level, +50% melee damage bonus, and +1.1m throwing range. 
Awareness  Your sense of surroundings. 
  • Per point: +2% Hit Chance, +1 Perception 
  • Every 2 points: +2% Ranged Damage Bonus 
+2% hit chance, +2% ranged damage bonus, for a total of +22% hit chance, +10 Perception, and +12% ranged damage bonus. 
Luck  Helps you dodge, land decisive attack. 
  • Per Point: +1% Lucky Action Chance, +2% Luck Crit Chance, +2% Mega Crit Chance, +2% Lucky Evade Chance, +2% Crit Resistance Chance, +2 Lucky Double Healing Chance, +.5% Double Money Chance 
  • Every 2 Points: +1 Penetration 
+1 Penetration, giving a total of +6 Penetration, +10% Lucky Action Chance, +20% Luck Crit Chance, +20% Mega Crit Chance, +20% Lucky Evade Chance, +20% Crit Resistance Chance, +20% Lucky Double Healing Chance, +5% Double Money Chance 


How Are Attributes Different In Wasteland 3?

There are some changes made to Wasteland 3’s attributes system. For example, Coordination will now affect your crit resistance. Thanks to the arrival of Lucky Effects your Luck attribute will work pretty much the same way, however, it is now independent of other crit chance effects.

Your Charisma will now affect how fast the Precision Strike gauge is filled. Intelligence saw the biggest changes in Wasteland 3. This attribute now decides crit chance and damage. Speed doesn’t affect Action Points anymore, the same is the case with Strength. Last but not least, Awareness doesn’t affect Combat Initiative, Action Points, or melee crit chance.

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