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All Gotham Knights Landmark Locations Guide


Landmarks are a type of collectible in Gotham Knight. The game has many landmarks, each placed outside the Heritage Sites in Gotham City. Landmarks are spread across the game, so you’ll need to traverse the map quite a bit before collecting them. When you reach a landmark, you must examine the plague on-site to collect your XP.

Landmark Locations

Location #1 – Giverny Plant

The first location on our list, is Giverny Plant, west of Dixon Docks, northeast of Waynetech.

Location #2 – Southside Glassworks

Southside Glassworks is another Gotham business located to the Southwest of Ocran Chemicals, north of Wayetech.

Location #3 – Cape Carmine Lighthouse

The Cape Carmine Lighthouse is to the west of Knightdome Sporting Complex and Monarch Theater in Cape Carmine.

Location 4 – S.K. Animal Shelter

S.K. Animal Shelter is located east of Atlantic Avenue in the Bowery, southeast of Cape Carmine.

Location #5 – St. Faustina Church

The church is in Bristol, southwest of Gotham City Cemetery. It is at the intersection of Oxylus Street and Reservoir Avenue.

Location #6 – Cobblespot Steel

Cobblepot Steel is marked on the map, so it’s really easy to find. You can visit the location between Manchester and Third Street.

Location #7 – Luigi’s Finest Pizza

Go to the western edge of The Cauldron, northwest of Paris Island.

Location #8 – Paris Island Incinerator

The factory is located on Third Street, Paris Island, in The Cauldron.

Location #9 – Robinson Park Exhibition Grounds

A statue in Robinson Park is easy to find on the northwest side.

Location #10 – St. Joseph Church

The church is on University Drive in Gotham Heights.

Location #11 – St. Swithuns Church

The church is located in Old Gotham, southwest of Gotham City Hall.

Location #12 – Gotham City Hall

Gotham City Hall is in Old Gotham, and it’s marked on the map.

Location #13 – Gotham City Fire Department

Gotham City Fire Department is on the west side of Longerquist Avenue in Old Gotham, east of Gotham City Cathedral.

Location #14 – Gotham City National Bank

The location is a bank in the middle of Commerce Avenue.

Location #15 – Robinson Park Plaza

Robinson Park Plaza is on the south side of Robinson Park, southwest of the Saul Erdel Planetarium.

Location #16 – Gotham Heights Residences

Go to Gotham Heights and locate the big residential building on Bierce Avenue.

Location #17 – Ralli’s Family Restaurant

The restaurant is in Otisburg, on Berger Avenue.

Location #18 – Sacred Martyr Church

The church is in the Bowery, northeast of Monarch Theater and northwest of Cape Carmine.

Location #19 – Gotham City Cathedral

The church is between Finger Avenue and Crowne Avenue.

Location #20 – Sundollar Coffee

The coffee shop is on the northwest edge of the Financial District, northwest of Iceberg Lounge.

Location #21 – Statue of Justice

You are looking for a statue on Tricorner Island, the statue of Justice.

Location #22 – Armory

A small fort on Tricorner Island on Arsenal Street.

Location #23 – First Church of Gotham City

The church is on the western end of the map, near the bridge on Rotterdam Street.

Location #24 – Split Pea Catering

Split Pea Catering is in Otisburg on Croydon Avenue.

Location #25 – Wayne Enterprise

Wayne Enterprises is located on Atlantic Boulevard.

Location #26 – St. Aloysius Church

The church is at the intersection of Berger Avenue and Gardner Street.

That’s everything you need to know to find all Gotham Knights Landmark Locations. If you need more help, here are some more Gotham Knights guides you may find helpful:

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