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Royale High Halo Answers Winter 2023-2024 For Glitterfrost Halo


In the Winter 2023-2024 event of Royale High, players have the opportunity to obtain the Glitterfrost Halo. This coveted item can be won by interacting with the fountain at the castle and making wishes. The game presents a series of stories with multiple-choice answers, and selecting the correct options can increase your chances of receiving the Halo. However, it’s important to note that obtaining the Halo is still based on chance and is not guaranteed, even with the right choices.

All correct Royale High 2023-2024 Winter Halo answers

The centerpiece of this event is the fountain located in the heart of Campus 3. When you approach the fountain, you’ll be presented with a random story, each offering a unique set of outcomes. Your task is to select the best possible outcome, hoping it leads to the grand prize: the Glitterfrost Halo.

Note: The Winter 2023 Glitterfrost Halo event in Royale High is expected to run until the end of January 2024. This provides ample time for players to engage with the event and try their luck at the Fountain of Dreams.

Royale High Winter 2023-2024 Halo Stories – Fountain Answers

Story and CreatorOption A PossibilitiesOption B PossibilitiesOption C PossibilitiesOption D Possibilities
Choosing a colorful tree for your dorm (StarliePuff)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Deciding how to help Poppy with the Glitterfrost Ball (p1nk_catt / tigersnow7)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo(?), +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP
Choosing a piece of clothing from the ice fairy’s closet (misswillowpuff)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing-Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Accessing the snowstorm and choosing where to go (ItsTotallyNotSav)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo(?)
Deciding what to sculpt in the ice sculpting competition (FashionistaQueen56)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Choosing a Glitterfrost event to sign up for (bluethemouse)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing-Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Picking a cookie from the little girl (ChantelDesire / T0N1_03)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Being invited to ice skate with your friends (SlytherinQueen1116)-Diamonds, +XP+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP+Diamonds, +XP, +Halo(?), +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing
Deciding what to buy from the Senioroyality’s booth (GhostlyDamsel)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing
Deciding what to bake for the Glitterfrost Baking Competition (DiamondGoggles1)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing
Drifting to sleep and deciding where to move toward in the castle (Gemstonewater)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing-Diamonds, +XP+Diamonds, +XP
Deciding what to do about the snowball flying toward you (phoebephase)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo(?), +Nothing
Helping a water fairy whose wings are frozen to a pole (PastelMoon_7 / xS0n1a)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing+Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing-Diamonds, +Nothing-Diamonds
Chasing the fox and then choosing a path (muffin_WAT / Honeydewis_Back)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo, +Nothing
(missOpa07)+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP, +Halo+Diamonds, +XP, +Nothing+XP, +Nothing+Diamonds, -Diamonds, +XP

Royale High is known for its dynamic updates and seasonal changes. Keeping an eye on official announcements and community updates can provide insights into exact event timelines and upcoming features. Following the conclusion of the Winter event, it is anticipated that the next seasonal event, likely centered around Valentine’s Day 2024, will commence in February 2024. This event will probably introduce a new halo, replacing the Winter 2023 Glitterfrost Halo.

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