Armored Core 6 has attracted a dedicated fanbase, many of whom are keen to explore every nook and cranny of the game’s complex mechanics and challenging missions. For some, this includes utilizing cheats and trainers to enhance the gameplay experience, experiment with different strategies and builds, or simply have a bit of unconventional fun. Here’s a guide to the cheats and trainers available for Armored Core 6, ensuring you can make the most of your time with this intricate and engaging game.


FLiNG’s Armored Core VI Trainer

One of the most user-friendly options for game cheats is FLiNG’s Trainer. It’s straightforward, requiring no intricate setup with Cheat Engine, and provides immediate access to a variety of cheats. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Ease of Use: Simply toggle the desired effect, and it activates instantly in-game.
  • Variety of Cheats: Options include infinite ammo, instant scan cooldown, no reload, damage and defense multipliers, and more.
  • Suitability for Beginners: Ideal for players less confident with more complex cheat setups.

ModEngine’s AC6 Cheat Engine Table

For those who prefer a deep dive into game code, ModEngine’s Cheat Table for Cheat Engine is the way to go. It offers a range of cheats, including some not found in FLiNG’s Trainer:

  • In-depth Customization: More hands-on control over game mechanics.
  • Extensive Cheat Options: Includes a money editor, weapon mods, easy kills, and more.
  • Requires Cheat Engine: Best for players familiar with this system.

WeMod Trainer

WeMod is a popular choice among gamers, known for its security features and a broad array of cheats:

  • Security: Comes with its own application, providing an extra layer of safety.
  • Wide Selection of Cheats: Offers 14 different cheats across categories like Player, Inventory, Enemies, and Game.
  • User-Friendly: Easy installation and use, with customizable hotkeys.

CheatHappens Trainer

Though offering fewer cheats, CheatHappens is a reliable alternative, with key features:

  • Trustworthy: Known for its reliability.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Allows players to set their own cheat activation keys.
  • No Dedicated Application: Lacks the standalone application that WeMod offers.

Fling Trainer

Another comprehensive option, Fling Trainer, stands out for its range of cheats and ease of use:

  • Variety of Cheats: Offers 14 different options, similar to WeMod.
  • Easy Installation: Provides both standalone and auto-updating versions.
  • Flexibility: Auto-updating version ensures you always have the latest cheats.

Here are some of the standout cheats players are currently enjoying in “Armored Core 6”:

  • Infinite Ammo: Never run out of ammo again, ensuring you’re always battle-ready.
  • One-Hit Kills: Take down enemies with a single strike, invaluable for tough boss fights.
  • Unlimited AP Health: Stay invincible with endless health, ideal for the game’s most challenging missions.

Note: The use of cheats and trainers should be undertaken with caution, and typically it’s advisable to disable any active antivirus to prevent interference with the installation of these tools. However, be aware of the risks involved in disabling your security software, especially when downloading files from the internet.