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All 3 Vine Seed Locations In Disney Dreamlight Valley


In “Disney Dreamlight Valley,” finding all three vine seeds is a pivotal task for players seeking to unlock Rapunzel’s tower and advance in the game. These seeds are scattered across the Glittering Dunes, a visually stunning desert biome that becomes accessible after repairing the bridge connecting Ancient’s Landing to the Wild Tangle. To reach the Glittering Dunes, players must turn left at the bridge instead of right​​​​​​.

Where To Find All 3 Vine Seeds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vine Seed #1 in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Vine Seed #1

Vine Seed #1: The first Vine Seeds is near the Plains Wishing Well in Glittering Dunes. From the entrance, head directly west until you find the well and a nearby stone pedestal.The first vine seed is nestled amongst the ground close to these landmarks. A royal shovel is essential for harvesting this seed​​.

Vine Seed #2 in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Vine Seed #2

Vine Seed #2: You can find the second Vine Seeds north of the first seed location in the Plains. Move north from the first seed, passing large mushrooms and a tall tree. Before reaching a path bend leading to the northern half of the Plains, the second seed is located. Watch for the second vine seed near the ground in this area​​.

Vine Seed #3 in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Vine Seed #3

Vine Seed #3: The fina Vine Seed is near a sandy area where fish spawn, close to a cave entrance. This seed is found directly west of the second seed’s location, past the mushrooms and trees. Follow the wall’s curve to reach a vibrant fishing area where the seed is hidden.

What Happens After You Find All Vine Seeds

Once all three vine seeds are collected, players must return to Rapunzel. These seeds are integral to progressing in the “Your Eternal Reward” quest and unlocking Rapunzel’s tower, which is a key step in locating the Jewel of Time​​.

“Your Eternal Reward” is a key quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, closely tied to the journey of finding the vine seeds.

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