Gotham Knights have more collectibles available for gamers to look for compared to the popular Arkham Knight. But the good news is that these collectibles are easier to find than the riddler trophies from Arkham Knight. There are a total of 12, and each one releases a hidden audio clip from Bruce Wayne outlining his constantly changing existence as Batman and providing our protagonists with some important tools.

Where to Find the Secret Caches in Gotham Knights

You will occasionally need to head back to The Belfry and start a new patrol. The following sites are listed and will be mentioned when a player needs to visit The Belfry again before discovering more.

Players must finish Gotham Knights Case 01: Batman’s Last Case before they may start uncovering hidden cache sites. A time trial will begin after the players have done so and arrived at the specified sites. The secret cache will become visible on your map once you successfully complete the challenge by jumping or grappling to each blue emitter before the timer expires.

Each trial at the 12 cache locations gives you between five and eight emitters to reach before the timer expires. Not to mention that each trial lasts only 15 to 25 seconds. There isn’t much time to think, so it’s okay if you need to try a few times before moving on to the next one.

Let’s look at all the secret cache locations in Gotham Knights without further adieu.

  • Secret Cache #1
  • Secret Cache #2
  • Secret Cache #3
  • Secret Cache #4
  • Secret Cache #5
  • Secret Cache #6
  • Secret Cache #7
  • Secret Cache #8
  • Secret Cache #9
  • Secret Cache #10
  • Secret Cache #11
  • Secret Cache #12

Secret Chache #1: Located in the Financial District on a roof southwest of the Elliot Center. Once you’ve taken this one, head back to The Belfry to launch a new patrol, producing the following four caches.

Secret Chache #2: Located on the roof of Quartz Labs, a building in the Financial District northwest of The Belfry.

Secret Chache 3: Situated on the roof of a structure on Neville Street in Old Gotham, close to Gotham City Cathedral.

Secret Chache 4: Located in The Cauldron, south of Paris Island.

Secret Chache 5: Situated in The Southwest District, southeast of Cobblepot Steel. Return to The Belfry to start another evening patrol after finding cache 5. Four additional cache locations will spawn as a result.

Secret Chache 6: Situated in the Tricorner Island District, east of Kane Industries.

Secret Chache 7: Situated on the top floor of The Bowery’s notorious Monarch Theater.

Secret Chache 8: Located in Otisburg, on the roof of a southwest structure of Wayne Tower.

Secret Chache 9: Located roughly in the center of the West End District, north of the Gotham City Gazette. You’ll need to return to The Belfry once more to start a new patrol after obtaining cache 9. The last three cache locations will spawn as soon as you do.

Secret Chache 10: Situated in Gotham Heights, on the top floor of a structure close to the intersection of Bierce Avenue and Chambers Street.

Secret Chache 11: Located in the Bristol District, on the lower roof of a structure housing the Gotham Reservoir billboard.

Secret Chache 12: Still in the Bristol District, on the top floor of a structure close to Mercey Avenue and Oxylus Street intersection.

I hope that helps you find all the secret caches; for more on Gotham Knights, check out the following guides:

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