One of the collectible types in Aliens Fireteam Elite is called Gift of Fire Intel. Just like Priority One Intel, they are available at various locations on the map. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Gift of Fire Intel locations in Aliens Fireteam Elite.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Gift of Fire Intel

Intel Location #1 (40th Marine Expeditionary Unit): During the gift of Fire Recon mission, the first intel is found inside the room that has a statue of a man and tripods around it. It is in the center of the room. Locate the laptop near the statue to find your intel.

Intel Location #2 (Unexplained Universe): At the start of the Gift of Fire recon mission, there are stairs and a corridor to the right of the stairs. Follow the corridor and turn right where you should see a magazine on top of a generator.

Intel Location #3 (Pathogen): Go left from the metal structure and enter the hall with a giant face. To the right of the statue you will find the pathogen ampule near the pillars.

Intel Location #4 (LV-895 Ruin): During the Gift of Fire mission #2, when you reach the tunnel, go through it to reach the other side. Turn left and look for a notepad on top of the white crates on a slightly elevated area.

Intel Location #5 (Engineer Ship): During the Gift of Fire Evacuation mission, onboard the Engineer’s ship go inside the control room, and find the intel hidden where you found the Engineer’s helmet on a chair.

Intel Location #6 (Control Flute): During the Gift of Fire Evacuation mission, there is a telescope on the ship’s bridge, the control Flute is hidden in that area. Go to the main control terminal.

Intel Location #7 (Severed Tentacle): During the Gift of Fire Evacuation mission, when you reach the area of the first Pathogen Mutant fight, go down the ramp and head left. Check behind the control terminal for your next intel.

Intel Location #8 (Gateway Station): During the second Gift of Fire mission, when you are passing through a narrow corridor, Esther will start speaking which is your cue that intel is nearby. Go around the platform on the right and locate that path that takes you up the platform. Pick up the red handheld device from the workstation.

Intel Location #9 (Dead Popper): In the final area, your objective will be to Regroup on the Platform. You can pick up the final intel from the far left side of the map. Look in the shadows.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to find all the Gift of Fire Intel locations.

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