Alan Wake 2 takes players back to Bright Falls 13 years later to investigate murders. You will come across the Nightingale as you dive deeper. In this Alan Wake 2 guide, I go over how you can kill Nightingale and give you some tips and tricks to make the encounters easier.


How To Kill Nightingale In Alan Wake 2

You will encounter Nightingale twice in Alan Wake 2, and both of the encounters are different, but we will go over both of them.

First Encounter With Nightingale

  • Stay in the pool of light: Once the encounter starts, head into the pool of light. It heals you until around the 20% mark. It also camouflages you, and you won’t be seen. You will be vulnerable as soon as you step out.
  • The “Gotta move, now” cue: Once you hear Saga is “Gotta move, now” you need to get your pistol from the hallway.
  • Don’t take the door on the left: It is a dead end, so take the door on the right instead.
  • Turn on your flashlight: As you get your gun, it is dark in the corridor, so you should use your flashlight to light the way.

Second Encounter With Nightingale

  • Use your torch light: Use your torch light and focus it on Nightingale to burn away his darkness shield and reveal his red weak point, AKA Source Point.
  • Aim for the red spot: Damage the red weak point to deal additional damage. You should be using both of your weapons.
  • Be ready to dodge: Nightingale can teleport right in front of you. Be ready to dodge when that happens.
  • Getting out of grab holds: If the boss grabs you, you can break the hold by spamming X/ A to shine the torch into his face.
  • Run from the red typhoon: As the fight progresses, Nightingale turns into a large red typhoon. You need to run away from this. Remember that the fight is not over, and the boss will pop out of nowhere to attack you. You can use your torch or weapons to fend him off.
  • Grab pistol bullets and battery pack: As you head through the woods, you will find pistol bullets and battery packs in the trees or foliage. We recommend picking these up.

The second encounter with Nightingale is less scripted, and it takes longer. So, you will need to be patient. Time your dodges right and stay alive to eventually win the fight.

This is how you can kill Nightingale in Alan Wake 2. If you want to learn more, check out our guide on how you can increase your inventory space. You can also check out our guide on Manuscript Fragments.