Alan Wake 2 takes players to Bright Falls, where they need to unravel the mysteries around murders. While exploring, you will find Manuscript Fragments from a particular book. In this Alan Wake 2 guide, I go over what Manuscript Fragments are, what they do, and how you can get more.


What Are Manuscript Fragments In Alan Wake 2

Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake is a resource that you can find that allows players to upgrade their weapons in Mind Place. You should not confuse these with Manuscript Pages since those are collectibles that tie in with the story. Manuscript Fragments look like pieces of torn paper.

Each weapon has three different upgrades to pick from, and they have different costs associated with them.

PistolAgain and Again18Hold the fire button to activate auto-fire mode.
PistolMore Bullets12+50% magazine size.
PistolAnother Headshot12Getting two headshots on a target will stun it.
ShotgunFluid Motion16Faster reload speed.
ShotgunOut of Action14Damage buff to enemies that are stunned, blinded, or knocked down.
ShotgunReady for More18Killing an enemy heals you depending on enemy strength.
Alan Wake 2 Manuscript Fragments

How To Get More Manuscript Fragments

You can get Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2 from red Alex Casey lunchboxes. These are found around the environment and often located on the ground, tables, or park benches. Open one up to get up to nine Manuscript Fragments.

The following are some AW2 Manuscript Fragments locations:

LocationsDescriptionsNumer Of Fragments
Witch’s HutHead across the bridge from the hut and find the chair and cooler box nearby.1
FBC StationSmall ledge behind the station.1
WaterfallHead to the bottom of the waterfall, both of the Witch’s Hit.9
North of the waterfallPoint of interest marked on the map to the far north.2
Murder SiteFollow the path southwest of the murder site and find a lunch box at the picnic spot.3

This is what you need to know about Manuscript Fragments in Alan Wake 2, what they do, and how you can get more. To learn more about the game, check out our guide on where you can find all the weapons.