Alan Wake 2 elevates the survival horror aspect of the game, and your inventory space can feel limited, especially if you like to pick up everything that you find. In this Alan Wake 2 guide, I go over how you can increase inventory space for Sage and Alan Wake.


How To Increase Inventory Space In Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 does give you the tools to increase your inventory space and improve your survivability. Since you play two characters in the game, the method of increasing inventory space for both of them is a bit different. We have covered both below.

Increase Inventory Space For Alan Wake

To increase inventory space for Alan Wake, you will need to find Workds of Stuff that are scattered throughout the game. This increases Alan’s powers in various ways. You can select the Magic Pocket option to increase Alan’s inventory space. You can find one of them in the Ballroom in the Oceanview Hotel, above the bar.

1Initiation 5 – Room 665Oceanview Hotel’s ballroom. Shine a light above the bar.

Increase Inventory Space For Saga

Increasing the inventory space for Saga is a lot easier. You need to find special pouches that are found in the world that will add additional slots each time you find one. You can find the first one inside the General Store in Chapter 2.

1Return 2 – The HeartCauldron Lake General Store. Inside the small room where the first Taken enemy emerges from. Find it next to office cabinets.
2After Return 2 – The HeartCauldron Lake Coast. Once Sage and Casey find someone at the beach, follow the coast east and crawl up brambles to find a Cult Stash. Press the buttons that light up in the correct order.
3After Return 5 – Old GodsBright Falls Fishing Shack. After the Overlap encounter in Bright Falls, head to the main street and pry open the gate leading to the building with the fresh seafood sign. Inside, you will find a Cult Stash. The code is: 6-9-7.

This is what you need to know about increasing inventory space for Alan Wake and Saga in Alan Wake 2. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out our guide on Manuscript Fragments. You can also check out our guide on weapons locations.