While exploring the world of Alan Wake 2, you will often find locked doors that you cannot access. These can have caches, such as the Cultis Stash. Bolt Cutters will give you access to these closed doors and allow you to access stashes. In this Alan Wake 2 guide, I go over how you can get Bolt Cutters.


How To Get Bolt Cutters In Alan Wake 2

Bolt Cutters are not a secret item that you need to get by completing a special mission. You can simply progress the game to unlock them. You get them during the third Overlap at Valhalla Nursing Home after you head into the pond to save Tor.

You will come across a series of light switches that change the environment around you depending on whether they are on or off. Towards the end of the section, having a light off will reveal the cabinet with the Bolt Cutters inside.

Take them to use on a door that is locked when the lights are back on. Picking them up with unlock the Cut Shot trophy or achievement. You will need the Bolt Cutters to access stashes, such as the Bright Falls Ranger Station Cult Stash, among others.

This is what you need to know about getting Bolt Cutters in Alan Wake 2. To learn more about the game, check out our guide on how you can get the Crossbow. You can check out our Alan Wake 2 guides hub for more content. Let us know what you think about Alan Wake 2 and whether or not you are having fun playing the game so far.