Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness Guide – Happiness Structures, Get Max Happiness

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In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how you can increase happiness and reach maximum Happiness Level in the game. Keeping your army happy is one of the cornerstones you need to build your gameplan on. Failing to do so will result in your people rebelling against you – something that you need to avoid at all costs.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Happiness

From the very onset of the game, you need to start working on increasing your Happiness Level. However, it’s a tall task if the truth be told. Regardless of your efforts, the Happiness Level of your population will continue to steadily decline.

To prevent that, you need to build certain structures such as the Recreational Dome.

While playing the game, you’ll come across some scenarios during which you’ll be able to build such structures from the very beginning. This is something that needs to be on top of your to-do list.

But what if you don’t have access to the Recreational Dome? The answer to this is pretty simple.

You can acquire it by researching Frontier Facilities in the Society RT. You should try to acquire it during the early game since it’ll serve you well in the long run. Apart from the Recreational Dome, the following are some other structures that can help you increase the Happiness Level of a colony in Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

  1. Recreational Dome: Frontier Facilities
  2. Virtual Entertainment Plaza: Colonist Care
  3. Botanical Gardens: Environmental Conditioning

Once you’re done constructing one of these structures, the next thing that you should do is to get some basic units for your army. What these units will do is that they’ll be used to replace your dead units. Apart from that, you can also use these units in order to scout surrounding areas for resources and as basic defense – whatever you choose.

What these basic things out of the way, how do you check your colony’s Happiness Level? In order to do so, what you need to do is to open up the City View and hover the “Happiness” symbol.

Doing so should allow you to see all the positives and negatives you’ve going on as of that moment. A little Tip: This doesn’t only work for checking the Happiness Level but also stays true for all the resources at your disposal.

This marks the end of our Happiness Guide for AOW: Planetfall. If you’ve anything else to add, be sure to let us know!