Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide – Unlocks, Tech Tier, Knowledge

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Technology in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the single most important aspect of the game. With technological advancements, you’ll gain access to the best units to command, new buildings, and a whole lot of in-game features. All in all, having the right technology goes a long way and is one of the key components when it comes to winning in AOW: Planetfall. To help you achieve it, here are all the Faction Technology featured in Age of Wonders: Planetfall which will help you increase your battle potential.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the technology at the disposal of game’s main factions, its pre-requisites, tech tier, and more.

Amazon Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Protective Grounding 1 N/A Tactical 100 Grounding Harness, Protective Growth
Arborian Commune 2 Protective Grounding Forces 150 Amazon Arborian Sentinel
Hydromancer Commune 3 Arborian Commune Strategic 270 Amazon Hydromancer, Transport Reinforcement
Primal Control 3 Protective Grounding Tactical 270 Primal Awareness Amplifier (Detector), Advanced Instinct Controller, Primal Override
Harrier Commune 4 Arborian Commune Forces 480 Amazon Harrier
Forest Genesis 4 Primal Control Strategic 480 Rapid Reforestation, Entangling Overgrowth
Bombardon Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Forces 700 Amazon Bombardon
Aquatica Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Strategic 700 Amazon Aquatica, Transport Expedience
Regenerative Bio Resonance 5 Primal Control Tactical 700 Regenerative Bioregulator, Nourishing Field Pylon
Amplified Bio Resonance 6 Regenerative Bio Resonance Tactical 1100 Crushing Roots, Amplifying Field Pylon
Tyrannodon Commune 7 Bombardon Commune Forces 1500 Amazon Tyrannodon
Restorative Cloning 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Strategic 1500 Introduce Predators, Arcadian Restoration
Organism Stimulus 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Tactical 1500 Blood Fury Inducers, Luring Field Pylon
Arborian Queen Commune 9 Tyrannodon Commune Forces 2500 Amazon Arborian Queen
Gaialogical Affinity 9 Organism Stimulus Tactical 2500 Earth Link Mask, Spirit Link Module

Assembly Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Molecular Computing 1 Tactical N/A 100 Ocular Implants (Detector), Signal Shredding
Reverse Engineering 2 Forces Molecular Computing 150 Assembly Reverse Engineer
Auxiliary Resource Extraction 2 Strategic Molecular Computing 150 Reprocess Colonist, Sample Collection
Harness the Storm 3 Forces Reverse Engineering 270 Assembly Lightning Rider
Advanced Bionics 3 Tactical Molecular Computing 270 Flesh Tearer Implants, Remote System Purge
Aquatic Lightning Coils 4 Strategic Harness the Storm 480 Assembly Storm Wader, Transport Reinforcement
Adaptive Systems 4 Tactical Advanced Bionics 480 Cloaking Implants, Linear Accelerator, Deploy Constrictor
Toxic Applications 5 Tactical Adaptive Systems 700 Toxin Nanites Ammunition, Neurotoxic Implants, Adhesive Artillery
Destructive Means 6 Forces Harness the Storm 1100 Assembly Wrecker
Ionic Manipulation 6 Strategic Toxic Applications 1100 Ion Storm, Ionic Overdrive
Disassemblers 6 Forces Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Disassembler
Naval Demolitions 7 Strategic Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Wrecking Ship, Transport Expedience
System Reload 7 Tactical Toxic Applications 1500 Reassembly Module, Advanced Re-engineering, Temporal Disruption
Ultimate Form 9 Forces Disassemblers 2500 Assembly Reaver
Quantric Technology 9 Tactical System Reload 2500 Emergency Quantric Shielding, Quantum Support Nanites

Dvar Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Perimeter Security 1 Tactical N/A 100 Fortification Tools, Ironbreaker Modifications, General Alert Protocol
Aerial Division 2 Forces Perimeter Security 150 Dvar Ramjet
Drudges 2 Strategic Perimeter Security 150 Factory Overdrive, Deploy Trenchers
Ironclad Division 3 Strategic Aerial Division 270 Dvar Ironclad, Transport Reinforcement
D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 3 Tactical Perimeter Security 270 Advanced Target Recognition (Detector), Explosive Resistant Armor, Breach Protection Protocol
Deep Detonation 4 Strategic D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 480 Land Torpedo, Mountain Breaker
Noble Divisions 5 Forces Aerial Division 700 Dvar Baron
Risk Management 5 Tactical D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 700 Reconstruction Kit, Deploy Sapper
Excavation Division 6 Forces Noble Divisions 1100 Dvar Excavator Tank
Artillery Division 7 Forces Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Rocket Artillery
Dreadnought Division 7 Strategic Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Dreadnought, Transport Expedience
Advanced DV-R Suits 7 Tactical Risk Management 1500 Super-powered Pistons, Illuminator Targeting System, Localized Earthquake Generator
Seismic Supremacy 9 Forces Artillery Division 2500 Dvar Earth Crusher
Cataclysm Generation 9 Strategic Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Tectonic Shift
Peak Efficiency 9 Tactical Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Reactive Kinetic Battery, Captain’s Regalia

Kir’Ko Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Unshackling 1 Tactical N/A 100 HeightenedVision(Detector), SunderingClaws
Regeneration 2 Tactical Unshackling 150 AcceleratedHealing, HealingSurge
Engulfer Caste 3 Forces Unshackling 270 Kir’koEngulfer
Vigorous Emergence 3 Strategic Regeneration 270 SpawnEmergent, BerserkerPheromones
Torrent Caste 4 Strategic Engulfer Caste 480 Kir’KoTorrent, TransportReinforcement
Resilience 4 Tactical Regeneration 480 AdaptiveCarapace, TunnelingClaws, DeployAbyssian
Barrager Caste 5 Forces Engulfer Caste 700 Kir’KoBarager
Infection 5 Tactical Resilience 700 Psi-infectedClaws, PoisonExcretion
Ravenous Caste 6 Forces Barrager Caste 1100 Kir’KoRavenous
Swarm Expulsions 6 Strategic Infection 1100 CalloftheHive, NoxiousBombardment
Tormented Caste 7 Forces Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoTormented
Deep Caste 7 Strategic Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoDeepOne, TransportExpedience
Neogenesis 7 Tactical Infection 1500 ResuscitationGlands, CloakingCarapace, OnewiththeSwarm
Return of the Harbinger 9 Forces Tormented Caste 2500 Kir’KoHarbinger
Metamorphosis 9 Tactical Neogenesis 2500 AcceleratedMetabolism, AdrenalResponceGlands

Syndicate Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Exploit Weakness 1 N/A Tactical 100 Exploitative Targeting System, Diversion Projector
Enforce Control 2 Exploit Weakness Forces 150 Syndicate Guild Assassin
Employ Deception 2 Exploit Weakness Strategic 150 Sensor Infiltration, Emergency Cloaking Field
Force Projection 3 Enforce Control Forces 270 Syndicate Mirage
Privateer Guilds 3 Enforce Control Strategic 270 Syndicate Guild Cruiser, Transport Reinforcement
Preventative Control 3 Exploit Weakness Tactical 270 PsiTech Vision Enhancers (Detector), Cerebral Control Collars
Military Dominance 4 Preventative Control Tactical 480 Spatial Acceleration Sails, Tactical Advantage Protocol, Deploy Sentinel
Covert Offensive 5 Force Projection Forces 700 Syndicate Wraith
Alternative Measures 5 Military Dominance Strategic 700 Pulse Beam Cannon, Industrial Sabotage, Bread and Circuses
Augmented Force 6 Military Dominance Tactical 1100 Control Amplifier, Adaptive Camouflage Projector
Cerebral Submission 7 Covert Offensive Forces 1500 Syndicate Subjugator
Advancement Tactics 7 Augmented Force Tactical 1500 Advanced Dislocation Drive, PsiTech Cerebral Execution
Illustrious Conquest 9 Cerebral Submission Forces 2500 Syndicate Zenith
Technological Supremacy 9 Advancement Tactics Tactical 2500 Cerebral Amplifier, PsiTech Drive Modulator

Vanguard Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Nanite Support 1 N/A Tactical 100 Nanite Injectors, Nanite Support Station, Combat Assist System
Engineering Corps 2 Nanite Support Forces 150 Vanguard Engineer
Smart Defense Modules 2 Nanite Support Tactical 150 Improved Combat Sensors (Detector), Interlocking Armor
Air Corps 3 Engineering Corps Forces 270 Vanguard Gunship
Drone Deployment 3 Smart Defense Modules Strategic 270 Security Drones, Bunker Buster, Emergency Recon
Naval Corps 4 Air Corps Strategic 480 Vanguard Frigate, Transport Reinforcement
Rapid Maneuverability 4 Smart Defense Modules Tactical 480 Jetpack, Deploy Valkyrie
Tank Corps 5 Air Corps Forces 700 Vanguard Laser Tank
Naval Command 6 Tank Corps Strategic 1100 Vanguard Battleship, Transport Expedience
Sentry Technology 6 Rapid Maneuverability Tactical 1100 Launcher Turret Pack, Launcher Turret
Walker Corps 7 Tank Corps Forces 1500 Vanguard Walker
Orbital Station 7 Sentry Technology Strategic 1500 Supply Drop, Orbital Laser Cannon
Predator Conditioning 8 Sentry Technology Tactical 2000 Sequential Kill System, Direct Command
Carrier Command 9 Walker Corps Forces 2500 Vanguard Drone Carrier
Force Concentration 9 Predator Conditioning Tactical 2500 Miniaturized Missile Array, Reactive Armor Plating

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This is all we’ve in our Technology Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall.