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Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide – Unlocks, Tech Tier, Knowledge

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Technology in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is the single most important aspect of the game. With technological advancements, you’ll gain access to the best units to command, new buildings, and a whole lot of in-game features. All in all, having the right technology goes a long way and is one of the key components when it comes to winning in AOW: Planetfall. To help you achieve it, here are all the Faction Technology featured in Age of Wonders: Planetfall which will help you increase your battle potential.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology

In our Age of Wonders: Planetfall Faction Technology Guide, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the technology at the disposal of game’s main factions, its pre-requisites, tech tier, and more.

Amazon Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Protective Grounding 1 N/A Tactical 100 Grounding Harness, Protective Growth
Arborian Commune 2 Protective Grounding Forces 150 Amazon Arborian Sentinel
Hydromancer Commune 3 Arborian Commune Strategic 270 Amazon Hydromancer, Transport Reinforcement
Primal Control 3 Protective Grounding Tactical 270 Primal Awareness Amplifier (Detector), Advanced Instinct Controller, Primal Override
Harrier Commune 4 Arborian Commune Forces 480 Amazon Harrier
Forest Genesis 4 Primal Control Strategic 480 Rapid Reforestation, Entangling Overgrowth
Bombardon Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Forces 700 Amazon Bombardon
Aquatica Commune 5 Harrier Coummune Strategic 700 Amazon Aquatica, Transport Expedience
Regenerative Bio Resonance 5 Primal Control Tactical 700 Regenerative Bioregulator, Nourishing Field Pylon
Amplified Bio Resonance 6 Regenerative Bio Resonance Tactical 1100 Crushing Roots, Amplifying Field Pylon
Tyrannodon Commune 7 Bombardon Commune Forces 1500 Amazon Tyrannodon
Restorative Cloning 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Strategic 1500 Introduce Predators, Arcadian Restoration
Organism Stimulus 7 Amplified Bio Resonance Tactical 1500 Blood Fury Inducers, Luring Field Pylon
Arborian Queen Commune 9 Tyrannodon Commune Forces 2500 Amazon Arborian Queen
Gaialogical Affinity 9 Organism Stimulus Tactical 2500 Earth Link Mask, Spirit Link Module

Assembly Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Molecular Computing 1 Tactical N/A 100 Ocular Implants (Detector), Signal Shredding
Reverse Engineering 2 Forces Molecular Computing 150 Assembly Reverse Engineer
Auxiliary Resource Extraction 2 Strategic Molecular Computing 150 Reprocess Colonist, Sample Collection
Harness the Storm 3 Forces Reverse Engineering 270 Assembly Lightning Rider
Advanced Bionics 3 Tactical Molecular Computing 270 Flesh Tearer Implants, Remote System Purge
Aquatic Lightning Coils 4 Strategic Harness the Storm 480 Assembly Storm Wader, Transport Reinforcement
Adaptive Systems 4 Tactical Advanced Bionics 480 Cloaking Implants, Linear Accelerator, Deploy Constrictor
Toxic Applications 5 Tactical Adaptive Systems 700 Toxin Nanites Ammunition, Neurotoxic Implants, Adhesive Artillery
Destructive Means 6 Forces Harness the Storm 1100 Assembly Wrecker
Ionic Manipulation 6 Strategic Toxic Applications 1100 Ion Storm, Ionic Overdrive
Disassemblers 6 Forces Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Disassembler
Naval Demolitions 7 Strategic Destructive Means 1500 Assembly Wrecking Ship, Transport Expedience
System Reload 7 Tactical Toxic Applications 1500 Reassembly Module, Advanced Re-engineering, Temporal Disruption
Ultimate Form 9 Forces Disassemblers 2500 Assembly Reaver
Quantric Technology 9 Tactical System Reload 2500 Emergency Quantric Shielding, Quantum Support Nanites

Dvar Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Perimeter Security 1 Tactical N/A 100 Fortification Tools, Ironbreaker Modifications, General Alert Protocol
Aerial Division 2 Forces Perimeter Security 150 Dvar Ramjet
Drudges 2 Strategic Perimeter Security 150 Factory Overdrive, Deploy Trenchers
Ironclad Division 3 Strategic Aerial Division 270 Dvar Ironclad, Transport Reinforcement
D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 3 Tactical Perimeter Security 270 Advanced Target Recognition (Detector), Explosive Resistant Armor, Breach Protection Protocol
Deep Detonation 4 Strategic D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 480 Land Torpedo, Mountain Breaker
Noble Divisions 5 Forces Aerial Division 700 Dvar Baron
Risk Management 5 Tactical D-VR Mark IV Upgrades 700 Reconstruction Kit, Deploy Sapper
Excavation Division 6 Forces Noble Divisions 1100 Dvar Excavator Tank
Artillery Division 7 Forces Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Rocket Artillery
Dreadnought Division 7 Strategic Excavation Division 1500 Dvar Dreadnought, Transport Expedience
Advanced DV-R Suits 7 Tactical Risk Management 1500 Super-powered Pistons, Illuminator Targeting System, Localized Earthquake Generator
Seismic Supremacy 9 Forces Artillery Division 2500 Dvar Earth Crusher
Cataclysm Generation 9 Strategic Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Tectonic Shift
Peak Efficiency 9 Tactical Advanced DV-R Suits 2500 Reactive Kinetic Battery, Captain’s Regalia

Kir’Ko Technology

Technology Tech Tier Group Unlock Requirements Knowledge Unlocks
Unshackling 1 Tactical N/A 100 HeightenedVision(Detector), SunderingClaws
Regeneration 2 Tactical Unshackling 150 AcceleratedHealing, HealingSurge
Engulfer Caste 3 Forces Unshackling 270 Kir’koEngulfer
Vigorous Emergence 3 Strategic Regeneration 270 SpawnEmergent, BerserkerPheromones
Torrent Caste 4 Strategic Engulfer Caste 480 Kir’KoTorrent, TransportReinforcement
Resilience 4 Tactical Regeneration 480 AdaptiveCarapace, TunnelingClaws, DeployAbyssian
Barrager Caste 5 Forces Engulfer Caste 700 Kir’KoBarager
Infection 5 Tactical Resilience 700 Psi-infectedClaws, PoisonExcretion
Ravenous Caste 6 Forces Barrager Caste 1100 Kir’KoRavenous
Swarm Expulsions 6 Strategic Infection 1100 CalloftheHive, NoxiousBombardment
Tormented Caste 7 Forces Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoTormented
Deep Caste 7 Strategic Ravenous Caste 1500 Kir’KoDeepOne, TransportExpedience
Neogenesis 7 Tactical Infection 1500 ResuscitationGlands, CloakingCarapace, OnewiththeSwarm
Return of the Harbinger 9 Forces Tormented Caste 2500 Kir’KoHarbinger
Metamorphosis 9 Tactical Neogenesis 2500 AcceleratedMetabolism, AdrenalResponceGlands

Syndicate Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Exploit Weakness 1 N/A Tactical 100 Exploitative Targeting System, Diversion Projector
Enforce Control 2 Exploit Weakness Forces 150 Syndicate Guild Assassin
Employ Deception 2 Exploit Weakness Strategic 150 Sensor Infiltration, Emergency Cloaking Field
Force Projection 3 Enforce Control Forces 270 Syndicate Mirage
Privateer Guilds 3 Enforce Control Strategic 270 Syndicate Guild Cruiser, Transport Reinforcement
Preventative Control 3 Exploit Weakness Tactical 270 PsiTech Vision Enhancers (Detector), Cerebral Control Collars
Military Dominance 4 Preventative Control Tactical 480 Spatial Acceleration Sails, Tactical Advantage Protocol, Deploy Sentinel
Covert Offensive 5 Force Projection Forces 700 Syndicate Wraith
Alternative Measures 5 Military Dominance Strategic 700 Pulse Beam Cannon, Industrial Sabotage, Bread and Circuses
Augmented Force 6 Military Dominance Tactical 1100 Control Amplifier, Adaptive Camouflage Projector
Cerebral Submission 7 Covert Offensive Forces 1500 Syndicate Subjugator
Advancement Tactics 7 Augmented Force Tactical 1500 Advanced Dislocation Drive, PsiTech Cerebral Execution
Illustrious Conquest 9 Cerebral Submission Forces 2500 Syndicate Zenith
Technological Supremacy 9 Advancement Tactics Tactical 2500 Cerebral Amplifier, PsiTech Drive Modulator

Vanguard Technology

Technology Tech Tier Unlock Requirements Group Knowledge Unlocks
Nanite Support 1 N/A Tactical 100 Nanite Injectors, Nanite Support Station, Combat Assist System
Engineering Corps 2 Nanite Support Forces 150 Vanguard Engineer
Smart Defense Modules 2 Nanite Support Tactical 150 Improved Combat Sensors (Detector), Interlocking Armor
Air Corps 3 Engineering Corps Forces 270 Vanguard Gunship
Drone Deployment 3 Smart Defense Modules Strategic 270 Security Drones, Bunker Buster, Emergency Recon
Naval Corps 4 Air Corps Strategic 480 Vanguard Frigate, Transport Reinforcement
Rapid Maneuverability 4 Smart Defense Modules Tactical 480 Jetpack, Deploy Valkyrie
Tank Corps 5 Air Corps Forces 700 Vanguard Laser Tank
Naval Command 6 Tank Corps Strategic 1100 Vanguard Battleship, Transport Expedience
Sentry Technology 6 Rapid Maneuverability Tactical 1100 Launcher Turret Pack, Launcher Turret
Walker Corps 7 Tank Corps Forces 1500 Vanguard Walker
Orbital Station 7 Sentry Technology Strategic 1500 Supply Drop, Orbital Laser Cannon
Predator Conditioning 8 Sentry Technology Tactical 2000 Sequential Kill System, Direct Command
Carrier Command 9 Walker Corps Forces 2500 Vanguard Drone Carrier
Force Concentration 9 Predator Conditioning Tactical 2500 Miniaturized Missile Array, Reactive Armor Plating

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This is all we’ve in our Technology Guide for Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

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Ian is usually working on putting out game guides or playing them ... it's an endless cycle

Ian is usually working on putting out game guides or playing them ... it's an endless cycle

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