Ruins appear from the destruction of cities. You can also come across ruins randomly. Provinces, where the ruins are located, cannot be taken over, which is going to hinder the growth of your empire. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over how you can remove ruins.

How To Remove Ruins In Age Of Wonders 4

City ruins cannot be removed but they can be rebuilt. However, they could be close to another faction and might not be worth rebuilding. You do not want your city to be too close to another faction since it will limit your city’s growth and in turn, hinder potential income and resources.

If you choose to not rebuild the ruins then they are going to stay there until the end of the game. Once you have rebuilt the city, you will be able to build improvements such as farms and mines on the tiles that the ruins previously occupied. This will allow you to make the most of the city cap that limits the number of cities that you can have without an economic penalty.

Furthermore, you can use the No Ruins mod to remove ruins from the map entirely. You can get the mod from Steam Workshop. The mod allows you to destroy ruins and free up provinces allowing you to create a perfect empire. Removing the ruins does take 6 turns to keep the balance of the game intact. This mod is only for PC players and unfortunately, console players cannot take advantage of it.

This is how you can remove city ruins from your empire in Age of Wonders 4. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our guides on the underworld and how you can play with friends. Let us know what you think about AoW 4 and what you think about the game so far.

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