As you progress through a match, your cities are going to expand and as the population grows, you will be able to build provinces and province improvements. These province improvements provide resources to the city depending on the area or terrain that they are in. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over all the basic province improvements and special province improvements in the game.

All Basic Province Improvements In Age Of Wonders 4

At the start of the game, you will only basic province improvements. These can also be limited by the terrain and resource nodes of the province. The following are all the basic province improvements in Age of Wonders 4:

Province improvementEffectsRequirements
Conduit+5 ManaMana resource node or magic material
Farm+5 FoodGrassland
Fishery+5 FoodCoast
Forester+2 Food
+3 Production
Hut+2 FoodAshlands, sand or snow
Mine +5 GoldAshlands, sand, or snow
Quarry+5 ProductionCliff or rocky terrain, or iron deposit node
Research Post+5 knowledgeMagic material

All Special Province Improvements In Age Of Wonders 4

As you progress further you will be able to unlock special province improvements by researching the various tomes. These can replace the basic province improvements and provide additional resources and effects. The following is what you need to know about the special province improvements in Age of Wonders 4:

Special Province ImprovementsCategoryEffectsSource
Doomdepth TrenchConduit-5 City Stability.
+10 Mana.
+10 Knowledge.
+3 Mana and Knowledge for each Alignment level below Neutral.
Tome: Doomherald
SanctuaryConduit+10 Mana.
Province Improvements cannot be pillaged while this Province is intact.
Acts as a spell jammer
Tome: Sanctuary
Ruler’s StatueConduitCan only be built once in your Throne City.
Allied Empires and level 3 Free Cities with a Pact of Vassalage grant 5 Imperium.
Ruler respawns 1 Turn faster.
Spells can be cast even if the Ruler is in the void.
Tome: Exaltation
HerbalistConduit+5 Food
+5 Mana
Per adjacent Province in Domain with Forest or Swamp:
+2 Food
+2 Mana
Friendly Armies in this City’s Domain regenerate an additional +5 Hit Points per Turn.
Tome: Roots
Summoning WellConduit+10 Mana.
+2 Mana, +2 Knowledge per adjacent Conduit.
Combat summon spells in the domain cost no mana.
Tome: Summoning
Channeling TowerConduit+10 Mana.
+3 Mana per adjacent Conduit.
Tome: Evocation
Resonance FieldsConduit+5 World Map Casting Points
+5 Mana
+5 Combat Casting Points
Tome: Amplification
Mystic AbbeyConduit+10 Mana income
+3 Knowledge per adjacent Conduit or research post.
Spell JammerConduitEnemies cannot target World Map Spells or cast spells in combat in this Domain.
Garden of BlissFarm+15 City Stability
+3 Food per adjacent Grasslands Province.
Gain 10% of Food income as Mana
Tome: Paradise
Sacred MeadowFarm+10 Food
+5 City Stability per adjacent conduit
Grants Encouraged at the start of the next Combat to friendly Units on this hex, 5-turn cooldown.
Tome: Glades
Bountiful FieldsFarm+10 Food income
+3 Food, +3 Draft per adjacent Farm.
Tome: Fertility
Carnival of FleshFarm+7 Food
+7 Draft
+3 Food, +3 Draft per adjacent Farm.
Tome: Revelry
Levy CampFarm+15 Food income
+5 Food per adjacent Farm.
Wildlife SanctuaryForester+10 Food
+5 Draft per adjacent Province with Forest.
Unlocks the production of various Animal Units.
Tome: Beasts
Ritual PyreForester+10 Mana income
+3 Mana per adjacent Forester
Tome: Pyromancy
Mob CampForester+7 Food
+7 Draft
Unit deployment location.
Tier I Units are cheaper by 20%.
Tome: Horde
Forest of StakesForester+7 Food income
+7 Draft per adjacent Forester
+7 Production income
Enemy Units in this and the adjacent Province get Demoralized.
Tithe CollectorMine+10 Gold
+2 Gold per adjacent Farm or Forester
Tome: Inquisition
Bazaar of WondersMine+10 Gold
+5 Gold per unique adjacent Province Improvement.
Tome: Golden Realm
Great FoundryMine+10 Gold
+3 Gold, +5 Draft per adjacent Mine
Tome: Crucible
Golem MineMine+10 Gold
+5 Production per adjacent Quarry.
Spawns an Iron Golem on the owner’s side for Combat in this Domain.
Tome: Artificing
Dark ForgeMine+7 Gold income
+7 Draft income
+7 Draft per adjacent quarry or mine.
Circle of ZealotryQuarry+10 Draft per positive or negative level of alignment.
+2 city stability per adjacent Province Improvement.
Tome: Zeal
Central QuarryQuarry+15 Production
+5 Production per adjacent quarry.
Tome: Rock
Runecarver’s CampQuarry+15 Draft
+3 Mana per adjacent quarry.
Tome: Enchantment
Builder’s QuartersQuarry+15 Production
+5 Production per adjacent quarry.
SoulwellResearch Post+3 Souls
+3 Mana per adjacent Research Post or Conduit.
Tome: Necromancy
School of CryomancyResearch Post+10 Knowledge.
+3 Mana per adjacent Snow or Ice province.
Tome: Cryomancy
FrostspireResearch Post+10 Knowledge.
+3 Knowledge per adjacent Snow or Ice province.
Visiting units gain Icetouch until the end of the next battle, giving their physical attacks a base 30% chance of inflicting Frozen.
Tome: Cold Dark
AbbeyResearch Post+10 Knowledge.
+3 Knowledge per adjacent Research Post.
Tome: Faith
SunshireResearch Post+10 Knowledge.
+3 Knowledge per adjacent Research Post.
Friendly Units in this and adjacent Provinces become Encouraged.
Demon GateTeleporterUnlocks the production of various Fiend Units.Tome: Demon Gate
Chrono GateTeleporter+3 Mana per adjacent Conduit or Research Post.
+3 Knowledge per adjacent Research Post or Conduit.
Grants Evasion to visiting Armies until their next combat.
Tome: Teleportation
TeleporterTeleporter-10 Mana
A Province Improvement which enables an Army to teleport from one teleporter to another.

These are all the basic and special province improvements in Age Of Wonders 4. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our cheat codes guide. You can also check out our guide on how you can fix your mods not loading in the game.

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