Age of Wonders 4 has got a lot of attention since its release and it could become one of the best fantasy strategy games in recent years. As you progress through the game, you will want to expand your empire to get your hands on unique and additional resources. You will want to expand your borders, especially if you are going for the expansion victory. Before you can found a new city, you first need to build an outpost. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we cover how you can build an outpost.

Building An Outpost In Age Of Wonders 4

To build an outpost in Age of Wonders 4, you first need a hero. Other units such as scouts cannot build an outpost. You will also need to find an area outside of your domain that is not too close to other factions or free cities. You need to move your hero inside such an area and then click on the ground. You will get the option to build an outpost. It is going to take a few turns for the outpost to be completed. Once it has been completed, you can click on it to get additional options like founding a city. This is going to help you expand your empire and get access to unique resources.

Note that if your outposts and potential new cities are too close to other factions then they might not like that and might go against you down the line. You should also not have your cities too far apart or too close to one another since they are going to grow and their borders are going to expand.

This is how you can build your outpost in Age of Wonders 4. To learn more check out our guide on how you can heal your units on the realm map and during combat.

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