Age of Wonders 4 has a lot of new features to keep players engaged. The multiplayer has been carried over from the previous games in multiplayer mode. Players can fight together or against one another to conquer realms. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over the multiplayer mode in the game and how you can play with friends.

Setting Up A Multiplayer Lobby In Age Of Wonders 4

To play together with friends, you need to first set up a multiplayer lobby. You can customize the game settings, and other are a few ways in which you can get into a lobby. One of the players needs to take on the role of the main host. To host the game, the player needs to select online multiplayer in the main menu and then select the option to Host Session.

The host can then pick the realm and make customizations and wait for the other players to join in. Make sure to select public host or private host.

How To Join The Multiplayer Lobby

Public lobbies can be found by selecting the online multiplayer option in the main menu of the game. You can then select the available sessions tab. Here you will be able to select from the available rooms. To join a private lobby, you will need to be added by the host. The host will need the Paradox IDs of the players that need to be invited. Once these players have been added as friends, they can be invited to the lobby manually.

The host can also choose to copy the Join Code from the top of the screen in the lobby and sent it to the players that need to be invited. The joining players can then navigate the available sessions tab in the online multiplayer tab and select the option to join with the code. They can then enter the code and join the game.

Hot Seat Multiplayer

The campaign in Age of Wonders 4 can go on for hours, and everyone does not have that kind of free time. This is where hot seat multiplayer comes in handy. This allows players to leave the game when it is not their turn and come back when it is their turn again. The game will even send you an email to notify you of your turn. This option can be found in the settings menu in the online tab.

Does Age Of Wonders 4 Support Cross-Platform Multiplayer?

While Age of Wonders 4 is not exclusive to PC and console players can also play the game, the option of cross-platform multiplayer is not available at the time of writing. This means that PC players cannot play with PS5 or Xbox players, and PS players cannot play with Xbox players. They will be limited to their platform for multiplayer. Cross-Platform multiplayer could be added down the line, and we do know that it is planned.

This is how you can set up a multiplayer lobby in Age of Wonders 4 to play the game with friends. To learn more about the game, you can check out our guides on how you can build an outpost and how you can heal your units on the map and in combat.

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