Age Of Wonders 4 has a lot of mechanics that you need to manage and plenty of menus that you need to navigate. On PC, you can use hotkeys and shortcuts to navigate these menus and complete actions quicker. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over all the keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts that you can use in the game to save time.

All PC Hotkeys And Keyboard Shortcuts In Age Of Wonders 4

The following are all the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts that you can use to save time when playing Age of Wonders 4 on PC:

End TurnCtrl + Enter
Open Tome of WondersF1
Open Save MenuF2
Open Load MenuF3
Center View on Selected ObjectC
Toggle Hex GridCtrl + G
Toggle Army BannersCtlr + ALT + Z
Center on RulerHome
Next HeroH
Observe ModeO
Select Next City
Select Previous City;
Select Next Army.
Select Previous Army,
Confirm MovementM
Toggle Auto-ExploreK
Switch Guard ModeG
Remove Army from Event ListJ
Select EventN
Skip EventSpace
Map Level UpPage Up
Map Level DownPage Down
Toggle Domain ViewCtrl + D
Quick SaveCtrl + S
Open Arcane Research1
Open Empire Development2
Open Diplomatic Overview3
Open Quests Overview4
Open Hero Overview5
Open Magic Materials Overview6
Open City Overview7
Open Armies Overview8
Open Rally of The Lieges9
Rotate Camera UpR
Rotate Camera DownF
Skip Combat IntroSpace
Select Next Unit.
Select Previous Unit,
Active Ability 11
Active Ability 22
Active Ability 33
Active Ability 44
Active Ability 55
Active Ability 66
Active Ability 77
Active Ability 88
Active Ability 99
Active Ability 100

These are all the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts that you can use in AoW 4 on PC. You can also check out our guides on how you can annex provinces and ancient wonders and how you can clear ruins.

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