Age Of Wonders 4 is the latest addition to the long-running franchise and fans are loving it. However, Age Of Wonders 4 PC players are experiencing in-game crashes with error codes like unexpected graphics driver error (0x887A0006) or crash at startup issue. Here we will discuss what is causing these crashes in Age of Wonders 4 and how to fix them.

Age Of Wonders 4 Crash Fixes You Can Try

Age Of Wonders 4 is the latest iteration in the long-running franchise that is still going strong for over two decades. However, PC players are reporting errors and issues with Age Of Wonders 4 like crashes and more. The following are the fixes for Age of Wonders 4 crashes.

Error 0x887A0006, Crash Fix

Age Of Wonders 4 PC players report that the game is crashing randomly while playing. Some players don’t get any error when the game crashes, while others get the unexpected graphics driver error (0x887A0006). The following are the fixes that’ll help players fix the crashes.

Fix #1 – Install Hotfix

Developer Triumph Studios knows about the crashing issues and have rolled out a Beta Hotfix for the Age of Wonders 4 crashing issue. Note that the Hotfix is in beta and might not fix the issue. Right-click Age of Wonder 4 in Steam library > properties > Betas > select Beta Hotfix from the drop-down menu and press Ok. The hotfix will download and install, fixing the Age of Wonders 4 in-game crash. However, if things get worse after installing the hotfix, then follow these same steps and select None in the Betas tab and the game will install the beta Hotfix.

Fix #2 – Update GPU Driver

Another reason why Age of Wonders 4 is crashing with the “unexpected graphics driver error (0x887A0006)” error message is the outdated or corrupt GPU driver. Update your driver to the latest version or reinstall it if it’s up to date. Ensure that you do a clean installation so settings from the previous driver version won’t interfere with the new one. This will fix the AOW4 0x887A0006 error crash.

Fix #3 – Limit Max FPS

The “unexpected graphics driver error (0x887A0006)” error crash is a DirectX-related error. This particular error in Age of Wonders 4 might be occurring due to unlocked FPS. I suggest you cap the game’s maximum frame rate to reduce the GPU and CPU load and fix the error 0x887A0006 crash. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Age of Wonders 4. Enable Max Framerate Limit and set a value for it. The Value you input should be 1/2, 1/3rd, or 1/4th of your display refresh rate, however, ignore this if you are using a Freesync or Gsync display.

Fix #4 – Lower Graphics Settings

Players report that they have fixed Age of Wonders 4 crashes by lowering or disabling the graphics settings like anti-aliasing. Do this even if you have a PC that meets or surpasses the game’s requirements. If you don’t want to compromise on graphics, then I suggest your cap the game’s max FPS. See under “Limit Max FPS” above to check how you can limit the FPS in Age of Wonders 4.

Fix #5 – Disable Overclock

PC hardware gives its users the option to overclock its components to squeeze more performance out of them. However, doing so can result in unstable gaming experience like crashes. If you have overclocked your GPU or CPU, that is why Age of Wonders 4 is crashing with the “unexpected graphics driver error (0x887A0006)” error message. Disable the overclock by reverting the GPU to its default clocks. If you have a factory overclocked GPU, then enable Debug Mode through Nvidia Control Panel to force the GPU to use clocks recommended by Nvidia. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Help > Debug mode. This will fix the error 0x887A0006 crash in Age of Wonders 4.

Fix #6 – Remove Third-Party Software

PC users often install third-party tools or software like MSI Afterburner, RGB software, driver/software for peripherals like HOTAS, and more. These software can interfere with the game and cause it to crash. Disable or install this third-party software and Age Of Wonders 4 will stop crashing.

Fix #7 – Disable In-game Overlays

Almost every software for PC related to video games has an in-game overlay for players to easily access its features. However, these in-game overlays can interfere with the game and cause in-game crashes. Disable in-game overlays like GeForce Experience or Steam in-game overlay and the issue will be fixed. To disable Steam in-game overlay, open Steam > settings > In-game > uncheck “Enable the Steam overlay while in-game.”

To disable GeForce Experience Overlay, open GeForce Experience> click on the Gear icon next to your username > General > turn off the “IN-GAME Overlay” option.

Linux/Proton Fix

Linux users report that Age of Wonders 4 isn’t working on Proton. For those who don’t know, Proton is a translation layer for Linux to run games on OS that don’t officially support Linux. The following are the fixes to get Age of Wonders 4 working on Linux/Proton.

Fix #1 – Use Launch Options Command

Right-click the game in Steam library > properties > General > type the following command under Launch Options and press OK. Launch Age of Wonders 4 and it’ll work on Linux or Proton.

DO=(%command%); “${DO[@]/%launcher-se\/Paradox\ Launcher.exe/AOW4.exe}”

If the above command doesn’t get AOW4 working on Proton, try the fix mentioned here and the game should work on Linux/Proton without any issues.

Fix #2 – Switch To Proton 8

Players have reported that Age Of Wonders 4 isn’t working on the Proton Experimental and switching to Proton 8 fixes the issue and the game runs fine.

Game Not Starting, Crash At Startup Fix

PC users report that Age Of Wonders isn’t working for them as it crashes at startup or doesn’t launch. The following are the fixes that’ll get the game working.

Fix #1 – Disable Fullscreen Optimizations

Fullscreen optimizations are enabled by default and can cause games to crash at startup. Disable them and Age of Wonders 4 will launch without crashing. Right-click Age of Wonders 4 in Steam library > Manage > Browse Local files. A new explorer window will open with the game files. Find the executable and right-click it > properties > Compatibility tab > check “Disable Fullscreen optimizations” and hit apply.

check “Disable Fullscreen optimizations”

Fix #2 – Update/Repair Visual C++ Redistributables

Corrupt or missing Visual C++ Redistributables files can prevent games from launching as most video games require it. Install/repair the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables x64 and x86 versions and the game will launch.

That is all for our Age of Wonders 4 crash fixes, error 0x887A0006 fixes, and crash at startup fixes. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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