City Stability represents how much of the population of a city supports the empire controlling said city. This is an important metric that you need to manage since if it drops too low, not only will you lose your population but your city’s income as well. In this Age of Wonders 4 guide, we go over stability levels and how you can increase City Stability.

City Stability Levels In Age Of Wonders 4

City stability ranges from -100 to 100 and affects the income of a city. The following is a breakdown of the different stability levels that you can have in a city:

LevelStabilityCity Income
Harmony80 – 100+15%
Orderly40 – 79+10%
Stable10 – 39+5%
Neutral-9 – 9Nil
Unstable-39 – -10-10%
Unrest-79 – -40-20%
Rioting-100 to -90-50%

Ideally, your city stability should be greater than 80 so that you can take advantage of the max city income bonus. At a bare minimum, it should be greater than -9 for the neutral effect. If it falls low enough, then your provinces can defect, and the people will go against you.

How To Increase City Stability In Age Of Wonders 4

As your empire expands and you annex provinces, your city stability is going to decrease since your population increases, and you cannot control all of it effectively. You can build taverns, bathhouses, and other structures that provide city stability. Furthermore, you can pick perks in the skill tree that grant city stability bonuses. Furthermore, you can also increase a city’s stability by giving it a Whispering Stone. Finally, you can find specialized methods of increasing city stability in the Tomes and Empire skills.

Note that managing your city’s stability is going to depend on various aspects. For example, if you pick a faction with a dark culture, then it will not have access to stability structures. You will instead need to build an overload tower which negates the penalties from stability.

This is what you need to know about city stability levels and how you can increase your city’s stability in AoW4. To learn more, check out our guide on Province Improvements. You can also check out our fix for AoW4 mods not working with One Drive.

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