Age of Empires 4 has multiple civilizations for you to play with. Each civilization has its own set of unique units and in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about unique units in Age of Empires 4.

Age of Empires 4 Unique Units

French Civilization

  • Cannon: Allow you to attack buildings in enemy territory and takedown fortress walls.
  • Royal Knight: High movement speed on horses. They use spears and shields for close-range combat.
  • Arbaletrier: Armor-piercing arrows on automated bows. Slow reload time for bows but the units carry shields for defense. Most effective against structures, not enemies.

Rus Civilization

  • The Warrior Monk: Part of the religious cavalry, not suited for combat.
  • The Horse Archer: Archers on horses with great mobility and damage range.
  • The Streltsy: Musket carrying soldiers that are highly effective in close-ranged combat.

Delhi Sultanate Civilization

  • Tower War Elephant: War Elephants that carry archers for ranged attacks.
  • War Elephant: They carry soldiers with spears with high damage and high HP.
  • Scholar: Increase your research speed.

Abbasi Dynasty

  • Camel Rider: Soldiers riding camels use swords for fast close-ranged combat.
  • Camel Archer: Soldiers riding camels use bows for long-ranged attacks and mobility.
  • Imam: Basic community leaders created at Mosques for increased Moral and religious harmony.

Chinese Civilization

  • Grenadier: Foot soldiers throw grenades at enemies.
  • Nest of Bees: Wagons shooting fire arrows at enemies for effective long-ranged attacks. They move slowly which makes them an easy target.
  • Imperial Officer: Units that collect gold from buildings.
  • Palace Guard: Soldiers using swords for close-ranged combat.
  • Fire Lancer: Cavalry units that carry spears for close-ranged combat.

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