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Age Of Empires 4 Civilizations Guide: All Bonuses, Unique Units, Perks

Age Of Empires 4 has a couple of different civilizations to choose from at launch and more are going to be added down the line. Different civilizations have bonuses unique buildings, units, and perks that you need to know about in order to make the most of them. In this Age Of Empires 4 guide, we are going to over all the different civilizations in the game and cover their bonuses, perks, unique weapons, and buildings.

Age Of Empires 4 Civilizations

The following are all the different civilizations in Age Of Empires 4 and what you need to know about them.

The Mongols

The Mongols are a mobile civilization in Age of Empires 4. The civilization has access to The Khan, a light cavalry unit that is the head of the Mongol army. It can provide buffs such as increased movement speed or combat strength. The civilization also has Mangudai horse archers that can deal damage from a distance and have high movement speed. The unit can even shoot arrows while retreating from battle.

The Mongols earn resources when they burn enemy buildings to the ground. Raiding early on is going to be a major plus point for this civilization. Mongols do not need to be tied to a single location as their buildings can be relocated when needed. This can help you pull off some killer strategies.

Mongols do not have access to walls or strong fortifications so you will need to be on the move a lot. If you are interested in playing aggressively and like raiding early on then the Mongols might be the right fit for you.

The Delhi Sultanate

The Delhi Sultanate is one of the Islamic civilizations in Age of Empires 4. With that in mind, you will not be able to hunt boar and harvest it for food as that is haram in the Islamic faith. You will have to rely on hunting deer and sheep as an alternative.

The Delhi Sultanate has access to free research but the progress is slower as compared to other civilizations. You can make up for it by garrisoning scholars inside mosques. This is going to speed up research. You can build a mosque early on in the game which you can use to train scholars and speed up research.

You can also use the Efficient Production technology to garrison scholars inside military buildings in order to boost production speed by 100%. This makes training units much faster. The scholars can also heal wounded units.

The Delhi Sultanate

The civilization has access to War Elephants. The Unique War Elephant and Towering Wall Elephant units become available in the Castle Age. These units have a lot of health and can deal a lot of damage to units and buildings alike. The foot units of the civilization can construct defenses such as walls. This allows you to have your settlers gather resources rather than having them build walls around your settlement.

If you rely on superior technology and do not attack enemies until later on in the game then you should play as the Delhi Sultanate.

The Chinese

At the start of a game, you have access to the Imperial Officials that can help you build up the economy quickly. Imperial Officials increase the building speed of structures and the speed of resources deposited there. Imperial Officials will, later on, collect gold from buildings which will allow you to expand your civilization much faster.

The Chinese get the Gunpowder Research for free. This increases the damage of gunpowder units. The civilization has unique units such as the Grenadier and Nest of Bees. Both of these units can do massive area of effect damage and can take out groups of enemies fairly quickly. Fire Lancers can quickly raid and burn structures to the ground.

The Dynasty System is unique to the Chinese civilization and there are 4 dynasties that you can trigger. The Song, Tang, Yuan, and Ming dynasties. The dynasty system bypasses the need of building a landmark in order to advance to the next age. Triggering a dynasty has its perks and bonuses. For example, triggering the Song Dynasty gives you a village that is like a super house that provides +40 housing capacity and the Zhuge Nu, a unique repeater crossbow unit.

If you want to build a large empire and like careful city planning then the Chinese civilization could be the best fit for you.

The English

The English can benefit from the unique network of castles bonus that provides attack speed when invaders are detected. This will help you defend your settlement early on in the game. Villagers can use bows to protect themselves rather than engage in melee combat. This allows them to deal damage from a safe distance. The English town centers can fire more arrows than other civilizations in the game.

The civilization has access to Man-at-arms in the Dark Age and Longbowman in the Feudal Age. Longbowmen have more range and deal more damage as compared to other archers. Longbowmen do move slower and are more expensive to train.

The English have cheaper farms and food is collected from farms faster if they are constructed around a mill. This will allow you to meet your food supply requirements and invest in other parts of the economy.

The Rus

The Rus civilization is a master of the wilderness. Rus expand the economy early on via the Hunting Cabin and Hunting Bounty Score. The Hunting Cabin replaces the Mill and generates gold based on the number of surrounding trees. As you hunt animals the Hunting Bounty Score increases and gives you more food income and boosts harvest rates. This will help you gather resources quickly in the early stages of Age of Empires 4.

Rus can earn gold by hunting for animals. They can also build stronger walls and forts. Villagers gather more wood when they are under the influence of a fortress. Do note that the Rus do not have access to stone walls and need to rely on palisade walls. While the civilization has access to early cavalry units, the civilization has limited naval units.

The strength of the Rus army is in their cavalry. The horse archers can attack from a distance and their health can be upgraded with research. Rus has access to the Warrior Monk which is on horseback. This can buff surrounding units and change the tide of the battle. Warrior Monks can also carry relics which means that they can convert enemy units. The Streltsy is a powerful hand-cannon unit that is unique to the Rus civilization. When stationary the attack speed and damage of these units increase thanks to the static deployment ability.

If you like to play aggressively and start attacking enemies from the get-go then the Rus civilization could be the right fit for you.

The Abbasid Dynasty

The Abbasid Dynasty has access to sturdy infantry and unique camel units. camel units have high health. The Camel Archer can deal with Spearmen and knights from afar. The Camel units have high movement speed so you can retreat when backed up into a corner.

Abbasid Dynasty infantry units can construct siege weapons in the field without the need for previous upgrades. The dynasty also has technologies that increase the health and range of spearmen.

The civilization has a unique building called the House of Wisdom that allows you to progress through the ages by constructing new wings. You can choose between culture, military, economy, and trade wings. These wings unlock different technologies that change gameplay and can give you an upper hand in battle. The cultural wing has the medical centers technology which allows keeps to heal your units.

Do note that because advancing to the advanced ages depends on the House of Wisdom, you will not be able to make advancements faster by assigning more villagers. As more wings are created, the House of Wisdom gets increased health and becomes harder to destroy.

You will not be able to hunt boar and harvest it for food as that is haram in the Islamic faith. You will have to rely on hunting deer and sheep as an alternative.

The French

The French have access to Royal Knights which can charge into combat. These are great for raiding and hit-and-run attacks. You can upgrade these units to allow them to heal when they are not in combat. Archery Ranges and Stables can produce units much cheaper compared to other civilizations when they are constructed under the influence of keeps.

Age Of Empires 4 Civilizations

The French have access to gunpowder units that can take out large groups of enemies and destroy buildings quickly. The French have faster town center production and the ability to choose the resources that the traders bring in.

If you like charging in with cavalry units then you should check out the French Civilization in Age of Empires 4.

The Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire has access to the Prelate from the Dark Age. This is a unit that can be used to build a focused economy. The Prelate increases villager efficiency and gathering rates. Prelates can also garrison relics into different buildings in order to increase their strength. Prelates can also be upgraded in order to boost the combat capabilities of military units.

The Holy Roman Empire gets discounted cannon and springald for towers and keeps. The Landsknecht is a unit unique to the Holy Roman Empire. This is an infantry unit that can deal area of effect damage. One of the bonuses of the Holy Roman Empire is the ability to repair buildings over time as long as they are inside the town center’s are of influence.

If you are interested in building cities that are hard to penetrate and beating enemies strategically then you should try the Holy Roman Empire.

These are all the civilizations in Age Of Empires 4 and what you need to know about them.

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