Activision Wants You To Play Guitar Hero On A Blu-Ray Player?

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Activision is working on something rather unique it seems. RespawnFirst is able to discover a patent and from what it tells us, it looks like Guitar Hero is coming back in a whole new way. The patent filed by Activision Publishing on October 8 talks about how we can play games like Guitar Hero via a Blu-Ray player.

A video game includes an audio-video stream combined with game graphics and game sounds. The game graphics are overlaid on the video stream and updated in synchronization with the stream. Update of the game graphics and sounds depends on inputs received from a game player. The game player may provide input using a game controller coupled to the video game by an adapter. The video game may play on a Blu-ray player.

As we’ll see in the image below, there is an adapter that connects to the Guitar Hero guitar or other types of controllers. The adaptor then connects to the Blu-Ray player to play the game.

It is hard to figure out exactly how the game will run but it seems players can just simply put the disc inside the BD player and it’s good to go? The patent ” relates to video games and, more particularly, to a video game and a peripheral for a video game played on a movie player.”

A system for video game play configured by program instructions, the system comprising: an optical disc reader for reading data from an optical disc, the data including audio and video data representing recorded audio-video information of an audience; a media decoder coupled to the optical disc reader and configured to decode the audio-video data to produce decoded audio and video signals; a processor coupled to the optical disc reader and configured by program instructions to command presentation of game graphics and additional game sounds, at least some of the game graphics or additional game sounds in response to actions by a game player; and a game controller coupled to the processor and configured to receive actions from the game player and supply corresponding signals to the processor, wherein the program instructions comprise instructions that configure the processor to: during game play, command playback, of a selected one of a group of related video clips read by the optical disc reader, each of the video clips in the group of related clips comprising a sequence of frames of video information of the audience, with a first video clip including a sequence of frames of video information showing the audience as enthusiastic, with time stamps identifying time points within the first video clip, and second video clip including a sequence of frames of video information showing the audience with less enthusiasm than in the first sequence of frames, with time stamps identifying time points within the second video clip, with selection of one of the first and second video clips being based on game player performance; and command presentation of revised game graphics based on the actions by the game player and the time stamps.

This isn’t the first Guitar Hero related patent we found. Last month Activision filed another one for what clearly was a new Guitar Hero game.

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