How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder And Change Folder Location

Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam allows users to take in-game screenshots and even has a dedicated button (F12) for it. However, some of you don’t know how to access screenshots or screenshot folder on Steam and we are here to help.

How To Access Steam Screenshots

Steam screenshots can be used for a number of things like sharing with friends by uploading it to your Steam profile. But you can’t do that if you don’t know how to access screenshots on Steam. There are two ways to access the Steam screenshot folder.

Screenshot Manager

One way to access the folder is through Steam’s own screenshot manager. Open Steam and click on “View” located at the top-right and select screenshots. Now, using the screenshot manager you can upload or delete screenshots you have taken.

However, if the screenshots aren’t available on your HDD then you need to click “View Online Library” to see all of your uploaded screenshots.

Access The Screenshot Folder

If you aren’t interested in accessing your screenshots through the Steam screenshot manager, then you can directly access the screenshot folder on your HDD.

If you used the default installation path then navigate to “C:\ Program files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ \ 760 \ remote\ \ screenshots” and you’ll find all of your screenshots in one place.

If you have installed Steam on another drive then go to your Steam folder and then navigate to “userdata\ \ 760 \ remote\ \ screenshots”.

This would be very easy if you are the only Steam user on your PC. However, if multiple Steam users are using the same PC then you need to know your SteamID to access your screenshots.

How To Find SteamID
Open Steam client and click on Steam (top-right) > settings > interface. Check the the box that reads “Display Steam URL address bar when available” and press “OK”.

Now hover the cursor over your user name and select profile. The URL at the top right has your SteamID. The URL will look like this “” and the number at the end is your SteamID which in this case is “76561198076096547”.

How To Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location

If for some reason you want to change the location of the folder where the screenshots are saved, then we’ve got you covered. First, navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\AccountID\760” and delete the “Remote” folder.

Now, click on the search bar, type “CMD” and click on “Run as an administrator” and run the following command. Just replace the “XXX” in the command below with the new folder location.

mklink /D “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\AccountID\760\remote” “XXX”

That is all for how to access the screenshots folder on Steam and how to change the folder location. You can also see our Steam Content File Locked Fix and High CPU Usage Fix.

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