The Hidden One Dagger is a coveted weapon in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, known for its stealth capabilities and historical significance. Acquiring this weapon can give players an edge, especially in the early stages of the game. This guide will walk you through the steps to locate and obtain the Hidden One Dagger.


The Hidden One Dagger can be acquired at any point in the game. However, the most opportune time to embark on this quest is right after Basim returns to Baghdad, embracing his role as an Assassin.

Instead of heading straight into the bustling city of Baghdad upon Basim’s return, take a detour into the wilderness. Your destination is one of the game’s Synchronization Points.

How To Get Hidden One Dagger In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Navigate to the Synchronization Point named Aqarquf Dunes. This point serves as a landmark guiding you closer to the Hidden One Dagger. Once you reach the point, synchronize to get a lay of the land. After synchronizing, you’ll notice a well nearby. Take a leap of faith into this well. Contrary to its appearance, this well is an entrance to a hidden cave.

The cave is not uninhabited; it serves as a camp for bandits. Engage and clear out the bandit camp (it is best to approach at night). Ensure you’re prepared for a skirmish, as these bandits won’t give up their treasures easily. After dealing with the bandits, proceed to the end of the cave. Here, you’ll find a Gear Chest. Open it, and inside, you’ll discover the prized Hidden One Dagger.

Note: Before you can access the heart of the bandit camp, you need to blow up a breakable wall. You need to use a jar bomb for this. One jar bomb can be found behind a giant stone that you can pull out.

How To Kill The Armored Guard

Before you can open the chest you will encounter an armored guard that can’t be attacked directly from the front. To deal damage to this enemy you need to attack from the back which is exposed. Dodge the heavy attacks to either right or left and get behind the enemy to land a few hit each time to chip away at their health. The armored guard is slow and takes time to launch another attack after you dodge, giving you ample time to deal damage from the back.