In the heart of Round City lies the heavily fortified Shurta Headquarters, home to a coveted Gear Chest. While the area is swarming with guards, with the right strategy, you can secure the Gear Chest. This guide will walk you through the steps to retrieve the Hidden One Outfit from the Shurta Headquarters Gear Chest in Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage.


Shurta Headquarters Location

Located in Round City, this area is known for its high security, making direct confrontations risky. However, a well-planned diversion can turn the odds in your favor.

AC Mirage: How To Reach And Get Shurta Headquarters Gear Chest

The key to accessing the chest is to divert the guards’ attention. The best way to achieve this is by freeing the prisoners inside the headquarters, who will then start a riot, drawing the guards away from their posts.

Accessing the Shurta HQ with smoke bombs.

Approach the main gate and deploy a smoke bomb to temporarily blind the guards. This will give you a brief window to sneak inside. Once inside, turn right and activate your Eagle Vision. This will highlight the prisoners (marked in blue) and guide you to their location. Release them to initiate the riot.

free the prisoners marked in blue.

With the ground-level guards distracted, your next destination is the roof of the Shurta HQ. However, be cautious, as the rooftop guards are not affected by the riot below. They remain vigilant, so you’ll need to either eliminate them stealthily or sneak past them. Access the roof by finding a window on the first floor and climbing out, then scaling the building upwards.

location of the first floor window that leads to the gear chest.

The chest’s location on the roof is guarded by an armored enemy. To deal with him, use a smoke bomb to obscure his vision, allowing you to perform a swift assassination. With the guard out of the way, the path to the Gear Chest is clear. Open it to claim your prize.

Inside the Gear Chest, you’ll find the exquisite Hidden One Outfit, a testament to your stealth and strategy.

Video Guide To Shurta HQ Gear Chest