In the intricate world of Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Power Tokens play a vital role as utility tokens. These tokens can be used in various ways, from bribing NPCs to reducing notoriety levels. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Power Tokens and the best methods to acquire them.


What Are Power Tokens Used For

  1. Utility of Power Tokens: Power Tokens are not just another collectible in AC Mirage; they serve practical purposes. They can be used to bribe NPCs, offering players unique advantages in the game.
  2. Reducing Notoriety: If you’ve garnered unwanted attention and increased your notoriety level, you can find a Munadi and offer a Power Token. This action will help reduce your notoriety, allowing you to navigate the streets of Baghdad with ease.
  3. Bribing Guards: Another significant use of Power Tokens is to bribe guards. By offering them a token, guards will conveniently look the other way, allowing you to sneak into facilities or commit theft without interference.
Paying off a Munadi with a Power Favor Token.

How To Get Power Tokens Fast In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

  1. Loot Chests: Scattered across Baghdad are loot chests. Exploring the city and opening these chests can reward you with Power Tokens among other valuables.
  2. Pickpocketing: Bazaars and Market Places are bustling with potential targets. Engage in pickpocketing NPCs in these areas to acquire Power Tokens.
  3. Golden Pouches: The most efficient method to farm Power Tokens is by targeting individuals with golden pouches on their backs. Activate Eagle Vision to spot these pouches. NPCs carrying golden pouches not only have Power Tokens but also Merchant Tokens. These Merchant Tokens can be used to avail discounts at Traders in Baghdad, making them equally valuable.

Pro Tip: Pickpocket NPCs inside the Round City of Baghdad. Folks in this part of the city are rich, and most of them carry Golden Pouches containing valuable loot such as Power Favor Tokens. Don’t forget to use Eagle Vision to spot them.

Power Tokens in Assassin’s Creed Mirage are more than just a currency; they are a strategic tool that can significantly influence gameplay. Whether you’re looking to reduce your notoriety, sneak past guards, or get a discount at a trader, Power Tokens are your ticket to success. Remember to always be on the lookout for golden pouches and keep your pickpocketing skills sharp to ensure a steady flow of tokens!