The Hidden One Outfit is a sought-after attire in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, symbolizing stealth, strategy, and the legacy of the Assassins. Nestled within the confines of the Shurta Headquarters in Round City, obtaining this outfit requires a blend of cunning and agility. This guide will lead you step-by-step to claim this iconic ensemble.


Situated in the bustling Round City, the Shurta Headquarters is a fortress of guards and challenges. While a head-on approach might seem daunting, a clever diversion can pave the way to your prize.

AC Mirage: Where To Find Hidden One Outfit

The essence of your strategy lies in creating a distraction. Within the Shurta Headquarters, prisoners await their fate. Freeing them not only aids your fellow rebel comrades but also ignites a riot, pulling the guards’ attention away from their posts.

With a smoke bomb in hand, approach the main entrance. Deploy it to blind the guards momentarily, granting you a stealthy entry. Once inside, veer to the right and activate your Eagle Vision. This will illuminate the prisoners in blue, guiding you to their cells. Release them and let the chaos ensue.

free the prisoners to create a riot in Shurta HQ.

With the ground guards preoccupied, set your sights on the rooftop of the Shurta HQ. But tread lightly; the guards above remain on high alert. Locate a window on the first floor to begin your ascent, scaling the walls until you reach the top. Guarding your prize is an armored sentinel. Utilize another smoke bomb to cloud his vision, allowing for a swift assassination or bypass. With the guard neutralized, the Gear Chest containing the Hidden One Outfit is yours for the taking.

Open the chest and behold the Hidden One Outfit, a testament to your skills and the rich history of the Assassins.

The journey to get the Hidden One Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is one of strategy and stealth. Don’t forget to horde smoke bombs before you go after all Gear Chests in AC Mirage.