In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the Great Garrison Gear Chest stands out as a particularly challenging treasure to obtain. While locating the chest is straightforward, accessing it requires careful navigation due to the heavy enemy presence. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully retrieve the Abbasid Knight Dagger from the Great Garrison Gear Chest.


This area is heavily fortified and off-limits to civilians and Assassins, including Basim. The presence of numerous enemies makes direct confrontation risky.

Assassin’s Creed (AC) Mirage: How To Get Great Garrison Gear Chest

Begin by locating a crack in the wall near the chest’s location. This crack serves as a discreet entry point into the Garrison. Given the high enemy concentration, it’s advisable to have a good stock of smoke bombs, which can be invaluable for sneaking past guards.

Great garrison wall crack location.
Head inside through the crack here.

Once inside through the crack, turn left and stealthily navigate past the guards. While some can be silently eliminated, others are best bypassed using smoke bombs to avoid drawing attention and triggering a full-scale battle.

Continue moving left until you spot a wooden ladder. This ladder allows you to scale the Garrison wall. Interestingly, the ladder is located past the chest, so once you’re atop the wall, you’ll need to backtrack towards the chest’s location.

The Gear Chest is housed within a room blocked by a shelf. Before moving the shelf, ensure you break the pot next to it. As you make your way inside, be prepared for a surprise encounter with a brute enemy. You have the option to deploy a smoke bomb and then assassinate him or engage in direct combat. Choose your approach based on your preferred playstyle.

Tip: I recommend you can throw a smoke bomb at the Armored Guard after sneaking inside the room and then assassinate him without a confrontation.

With the brute enemy dealt with, the path to the Gear Chest is clear. Inside, you’ll find the coveted Abbasid Knight Dagger.