Assassin’s Creed Mirage players are often faced with quests that challenge their wit, agility, and strategy. Among these quests is the intriguing “Follow the Fiery Trail,” where the objective is to find Caretaker of Books in the House of Wisdom. This guide provides you with a detailed walkthrough so you can find the Caretaker of Books in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.


Assassin’s Creed Mirage Caretaker of Books Location

Start by locating the wooden scaffolding near the quest marker. This scaffolding provides a convenient route to the second floor. Once atop the balcony, spot the window leading into the library. This will be your discreet entry point, allowing you to avoid any guards stationed at the main entrances.

The library is patrolled by vigilant guards. Use Eagle Vision frequently to track their movements. If you find yourself cornered, deploy smoke bombs or other tools to create diversions or incapacitate threats. Your target location is the south-western corner of the library. Move stealthily, using bookshelves and other structures as cover.

Caretaker of books location on the map.

What Happened To The Caretaker Of Books

Upon reaching the secluded south-western section, the grim reality becomes apparent. The Caretaker of Books has met a tragic end. Interact with his body to gather essential clues. Nearby, a scattered letter provides further context to this mystery. Ensure you read it to piece together the unfolding narrative.

The House of Wisdom is not just a place of tragedy but also of treasures. Before departing, activate Eagle Vision to uncover hidden items and collectibles. These can be valuable for future quests or for trading with merchants. There is a Gear Chest at the very top of the House of Wisdom.