A Plague Tale Requiem’s 14th chapter, Healing Our Wounds, brings you one step closer to the end of the narrative. This Chapter is divided into multiple small sub-chapters and objectives. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to complete chapter 14, Healing Our Wounds.


A Plague Tale Requiem Healing Our Wounds Sub Chapters List

  • Back to the Continent
  • Escape
  • Assault

Back to the Continent

Find your way to Sophia’s boat, which the duo plans to use to make their way to the continent where Hugo, Amica, and Lucas can live peacefully for the rest of their lives.

You must talk to the others on the boat to complete all the objectives in this sub-chapter. Amica invites Sophia to her mother’s hut in the mountains. Lucas gives words of reassurance to Hugo and Amica. Hugo says that he is excited to be in the Mountains. Arnaud says he feels remorse for everything that has happened and is grateful for Hugo’s help. At this point, you spot a ship in the distance, the Count. They had promised revenge.


You need to get to the upper deck of your boat and man the rope opposite Arnaud. Now hold triangle/Y. Go to the lower deck, interact with the prompt on the right, and press triangle/Y once again. Now you need to lighten the boat by throwing show cargo over the boat, with Arnaud’s help. Try to kill as many archers as you can with headshots. You will be overwhelmed soon with a barrage of fire arrows.


Go down, grab all the bolts that meet your eyes, and kill every soldier. Keep doing this until a new cutscene starts, at which point you will be on your way to starting Chapter 15 “Dying Sun.”

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