Do you want to know everything about Dying Sun in A Plague Tale Requiem? Then, our detailed walkthrough will tell you everything you need to know about chapter 15, including where to find all the collectibles!

Dying Sun (Chapter 15) is Divided Into Three Sub-Chapters

  • Stranded
  • Duel
  • On the Cart


It wasn’t easy for Hugo and Amicia to survive on the islands, but they did it. They will think about their future together when they return to the mainland. Amicia and Arnaud will work together to take down the Count’s men, but Amicia is hit in the process. Hugo becomes extremely angry when he sees his sister dead, avenging her by counter-attacking the Count. The Count attempts to use Hugo as a weapon to gain more land. Arnaud, holding an unconscious Amicia, submerges them into the water to escape.

Objective: Regroup with Lucas and Sophia:

Luckily, Amicia will survive as Arnaud heals her. After reaching the beach, follow Arnaud blindly to reach the shipwreck and Count.


Task: Save Arnaud

Arnaud will become emotional and confront the Count– but the Count won’t be alone. There will be a soldier with him, so you need to kill the soldier first, then watch Arnaud’s back. For this task, you can use saltpeter sacks, tar pots, and crossbows. Afterward, Hugo will still think Amicia is dead: he’ll willingly hand himself over to Macula and destroy Marseille.

Beware when battling the giant soldiers, as they will try to ambush you. If you’re not careful, they will kill you easily. The best way to take them down is by using the dust in the air for cover and shooting at their backplates, which are their weak points. For the final attack, use a crossbow along with environmental traps. After killing all of the soldiers, Count and Arnaud’s treachery ends. But, first, you must kill the Count.

Objective: Kill the Count

It is finally time to take your vengeance against the Count. Get a headshot for an instant kill. Amicia and Sophia will grieve for Arnaud. Lucas realizes that the Macula prophecy has come true with this event.

Objective: Reach Hugo

All three are now within Sophia’s cart. Yet they are desperately trying to get to safety in Marseille. When Nebula envelops Marseille, people will sprint to safety.

On the Cart

Objective: Reach Hugo

You cannot go inside Marseille since Nebula has taken hold of it. Clear a path forward by having Amicia shoot the cannon at the hay bales and fence blocking the way. There is an army of rats coming through the wall. Although it may be daunting, all you need to do is aim the cannon and hold it steady so that chapter 15 will be ended here.

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